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69 Home Remedies for Pimples


Dissolve 12 or so generic aspirin in a small clean cup (I use two disposable Dixie cups) in a bit of astringent toner and stir until relatively dissolved with a wooden stick. Smooth over skin and scrub just a bit, it should be thick and grainy. Leave it on until it either begins to itch or once it becomes a little uncomfortable. Rinse with cool water. It is a great exfoliator, mild pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory all in one. (Oh, the downside is you will have a little sneezing fit afterward)


put any breand of antibiotic ointment directly on the ' inny ' pimple then apply a breathable bandaid on it . keep there for 1-2 days , when the bandaid is removed the pimple should be gone and with no pain where the pimple was , it worked for me.


100 % Tea Tree Oil(not diluted with various additives). It is one of the few essential oils that can be applied full strength. Do not get it in your eyes. It has a strong medicinal odor. Put it on at night if you do not want people to smell you coming before they see you. Try it for a few days.


put lemon juice directly on the affected area right before bed and wash off in the morning


Come on people, Pimples are just liquid trapped under your skin, and Calamine Lotion is the oldest thing in the world made to dry up the skin...DUH! Try cleaning your face with astringent before bed, apply Calamine lotion to the area(thick), And in the morning on the first day you should see some change!(wash it off of course) Good Luck!!


Dont use bar soap on your face!
I had horrible acne till i left the bar soap alone and switched to neutagina anti acne/anti wrinkle cream
Started at 24 yrs old rarely get a pimple maybe 2- or 3 a year
I use to have 2 or 3 a day!


Apply vicks(to the affected area) as soon as going to sleep leave over night, by the morning it'll be ready to burst. Try it....


put egg whites all over your face (like a mask)..egg whites are driers and will remove all the impurities from your face.leave it on until every spot is dry (depends on the type of skin you have) it works so well. use for 2-3 days or continue use. it works wonders. i swear by it. if you only have 1 day then use it once. it may not disappear but it will bring it way down and remove redness. It makes you skin super soft too!


Toothpaste only makes it worse! Don't do it, just use witch hazel and dove soap. The products out there just dry your face out. Also for a moisturizer use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey. Wash your face twice a day.. If you're the kind of person that picks at their face, right after use the witch hazel.


Apply toothpaste - actual paste, not gel - to affected areas before bed. Wash off in the morning.

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