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69 Home Remedies for Pimples


crush and blend orange peel and a bit of water to make a orange liquid then drain and get rid of the lefts over peals

after washing face with a cleanser
then apply to affected areas with a cotton bud then apply 100% tea tree oil to huge pimples and leave on over night wash off in morning. it makes the reddness go a little and tighten the pores and drys pimples


apply tape to your pimple. not the papery kind, the plastic clear sticky kind duh.. i use it on cystic pimples, the kind that develop under the skin and get infected and huge easily. apply tape before bed, when you wake up the tape will be gross and have pus on it. remove it and squeeze your pimple gently if necessary. then wash your face.


Tanning either outside or in a bed. For me a tanning bed works wonders.
It dries up the pimples you have and keeps it clear and smooth (and tan)


I don't know about you all but my skin is extremely sensitive. Whenever I get a pimple the area flares up and gets really red. I'll admit I am guilty of being a pimple popper, which usually makes the area look like carpet burn or something. That said... the best thing that I have ever used to heal my skin after a serious pimple popping sessions is Calendula cream. The stuff is incredible. If you have raw skin that is sore and damp this stuff will heal it in no time. Try and get the thickest Calendula cream you can find and just lather it on. Good luck


put dial soap scum on your pimple.. when you first start feeling one or if you just spotted that one that was hiding and just came out and it was white and never was pink first. leave it on, an rub in just a little.


this is the remedy which for sure works. i have used this face pack and i am using it on daily basis.

neem leaves
gramflour (basan)

grind neem leaves with water to a thin consistancy. take two tasp. of it and mix with gram flour to make a thick paste apply it on your face and neck and leave for five min. then massage your face, again for five min. rinse off. apply any moisturising cream. you will feel the difference in three days and keep using it daily instead of soap and you will have smooth dotless, soft and clean skin.


Put a mixture of honey and mustard on your pimple and it should go away fairly quickly.


I put a dab of 'crest toothpaste' on my pimples before bed and when I wake up the next morning - its not gone but it did go down and the redness disppears totally.

Try it - it wont hurt!


taking garlic and echinacea caplets help alot.these are natural anibitiocs ,so they will help with the inflammation.Kwai brand garlic caplets can be bought at wal mart in the pharmacy section.They are very small,and have no odor or awful taste.Also making a paste out of baking soda and applying it to affected area is helpful.


Pure lemon juice (non-reconstituted) and/or regular white vinegar dabbed on with a clean cotton swab. Also, the pure lemon juice will significantly reduce skin pigmentations to even out the skin tone if used regularly with this being the last step of your regimen. Be sure to rinse with cool water in the morning then cleanse and moisturize as usual.

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