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I actually use diaper rash cream. (the good stuff)
If its' good enough to cure a rash on a baby's delicate skin, i figure it'll work wonders on mine!

It goes on thick, but works like a charm.


I have had zits/pimples tried some things but this is the best thing i have used. go to your local pharmacy and get purell instant hand sanitizer (its only 0.25 cents) when you get home take off the cap stick your finger in and get some of it on your finger and put it on the pimple it will burn for about 20 seconds keep doing this a bunch of times a day until the pimple goes away. when i did it it only took 1 day but it depends how big and red it is this works beacuse it kills all the bacteria and germs in and on the pimple then dries it out it also helps if you pop it then put it on but thats optianal hope it works bye.


when you first start feeling a pimple or see one ,put eyedrops on it

Dr. V

I have been a doctor now going on my 8th year. A doctor of medicine however - not a dermatologist.

There is no 100% way to clear your skin! There are some simple steps that will.

1. Drink lots of water. Not only does drinking lots of water help regulate toxins out of the body, but promotes good health anyways. Drinking lots of water has an effect on acne because the more efficient your body is running, the better it can fight those infections in your pores!

2. Pick the RIGHT skin care product! If you have oily skin DO NOT USE PRODUCT THAT DRIES YOUR SKIN!!! These products will help remove current pimples, but the body in turn produces MORE oil since your skin is so much drier and results in more clogged pores (acne)!

3. Eat healthy! Sorry folks, but greasy foods are not good - for anything. Not only do they raise our cholesterol levels and make our butts bigger, but they provide the extra oil and grease to clog our pores.

4. Exercise. Exercise keeps the body continuously working, and improving. The better shape your body is in, the less stress it has. Less stress = less acne.

I'm sorry there is no 1 perfect way to remove acne. A lot of medicines, or new acne products may help one individual, but not the next. Not only does the environment play an important role in our skin, but so does personal hygiene and GENETICS. Some people are just born to have zits!


Be careful what 'home remedies' you use, you don't know how your body may react to some of these crazy concoctions talked about.


to get rid of pimples,,,in the morning as u get up before brushig ur teeth apply the saliva on the affected area and wash it off in 15mins,,,an u will see change in 2days,,,jus try it,,,it actually works,,i hav tried it,,,i get so many compliments for my clear skin


crush up a panadol into a powder and apply a small amount of water and mix. Apply to area. This reduces the inflammation.


I found that if you have a pimple its gets away quicker by drying it out normally i use baby powder and i have great results within 2 days!


put toothpaste in your pimple, this reduces the swelling and causes it to dry up.


add i tea spoon of cinnamon powder and 3 table spoon oif honey ..then apply on the face at night them wash off with warm water the next morning ..repeat for 2 weeks ..pimples will dissappear without leaving a mark.


1 tsp of grond cinnimon add with
1 tsp of fresh lemon juice
mix til dark paste
then after washing your face apply to pimples (effected areas)it will sting for a little cus of the lemon %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
plz coment and tell me how you went

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