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I am a 14 year old teenager and as you imagine for a lot of kids this is the exact time kids start to have breakouts of pimples etc due to puberty etc. One remedy i have found that workes is to take a Warm wet not hot rag ( make sure it is a rag that has some texture and is rough ) and gently rub the pimple with it. Do not! i mean do not! pick at the pimple or it will bleed once the pimple is gone go to sleep and the next day it should look like it was never there


Hello Friends,
I think u can use toothpaste on ur pimple at night. Morning will give u better face


There maybe some good or safe ways to help remove pimples,but I remember hearing something you should never do! Do not squeeze your pimple! Doing this would just spread more pimples by forcing portions of the pus inwards! In some cases depending where the pimple is, squeezing it may cause a severe health risk!


if your like me i have pimples on my chin forhead and nose but then parts of my nose are dry...... what i do is but lotion on the red spots(cheap works for me, expensive has oils and other things)..... for my pimples i wipe my entire face with a dry paper towel then a wet wash cloth over that.... then put bar soap over my problem areas, leave on for about 3min. or so or until it is dryish..... i hope it works for you it works for me most of the time but i do want to say sometimes (rarley) it doesnt i will get a pimple or 2


i have had a lot of pimples and nothing seem to work but if you put tooth paste IMPORTANT: LEAVE ONLY FOR AN HOUR AND REPEAT becuase the paste is already dried out on it wont do you any good if you leave it any longer this way you will get faster results hope it works and good luck


DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE!!! In the morning my skin was HARD! IT WAS NUMB! it ruined my skin and over the next days it was PEELING OFF! Use a gentle cleanser with NO harsh chemicals - if u cant read what it says dont use it. Eat carrots! Carrots hav sum type thing that helps ur skin! It worked pretty well for me. But overall u cant actually get rid of it altogether! it sux!


All you need:
rubbing alcohol

dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol apply only to the pimple(s).. then apply neosporin to the affected area.

i do this twice a day. morning and night. but some people should probably stick to one a day if you have sensitive skin.

Ive had pimples disappear overnight.. but some take a few days.
its just a quick cheap and easy trick my grandmother taught me :)


if some one has pimples then take few drops of lemon and few drops of rose water mix it well and apply it on your face twice a day . your pimples will surely vanish within 15 days.


I just put Pepto Bismol on the pimples and wait for it to dry. after a couple of hours i wash it off. it dries up the pimple and gets rid of it, but depending on how big the pimple is it could take up to a week, otherwise it takes just a couple of days. you can put it on as much as you want and it doesn't have to be brand name, as long as it is the same thing.


get cetaphil clenser

then buy one capsule clidamycin (antibiotics) from local drug store

mix it with water spray on your face

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