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26 Home Remedies for Piles


take glass of warm milk and add one or two table spoon of lime juice.drink first thing in morning n dont eat anything for one will work like magic n ur piles will be gone in 3-4 days.its work for me.its baba ramdev remedy.


Take a piece 2/3 inches long of aloe vera, cut it into two halves as burger bun is cut, now slight;y heat one of the pieaces and apply the heated piece to the homorrhoids at bed time, it relieves pain and swollen veins and heals up the bleeding homorrhoids.


if you are suffaring with piles, try this home remedy . youcan get total releaf. gratt cucumbar add the pulp withfresh curd and sugar eatit three times a day .take one spoon full thriphala & half spoonful harad ka churn(optional)soak it inhalf cup of water and drink it after your lunch and dinner .drink 4 to5glasses fruit juice and plenty of water. apply petroliamjelly to piles.for soft stool you cantake 2 to 3 spoon full caster oil with some milk at bed time .it works wonder ful.


taking tow or thre glasesof apple juice can cure piles. makea paste with turmaric powder ,water and some castar oil heat it and apply luke warm paste to piles. it can smoothen the surface and reduce pain and swelling must use regularly


after having severe food poisioning and diarrhoea for 2 weeks, my problem has now become unbearable, as well as dealing with the other symptomss, abdominal cramps - excruciating pain, the piles just added to my misery.after reading all your advice i tried the vicks vapour rub and after 3 applications finally got relief! thanks to whoever discovered this remedy, i would never have thought of using it, have now taken immodium to try to stop the runs, and also buscopan for the cramps. have also ordered the unique pile oil online - seem to have amazing results, but will let you know.... have been a sufferer for 31 years after a very heavy pregnancy, think once those veins are weakened it will always recur as in my case. good luck to all sufferers, its more than a pain in the ass - its bloody unbearable. j.


I have had piles for the last 15 years now. Every year, especially during the dry season of fall, my condition used to get worse with terrible pain and inflammation after defecation.A few months ago I tried Homeopathic tablets called 'Bio-Combination 17(BC-17)' which provided me immediate relief.My pain episodes are almost down to none now.Thought I should share this with people with the same problem out there.BC-17 is manufactured by almost all the homeopathic pharma companies. The ones I tried are by 'Reckeweg & Co' and 'SBL Pvt Ltd'. Both were equally effective.


Just apply coconut oil on the affected area, it works wonders.

Vivek Shivhare

Theis home remedy can cure the piles not instantly but can reduce it gradually with time.
-when you awake in morning,just take a banana & put some eatable camphor in it & then it daily.You can also take in form of paste.Break this routine when your problem is cured.

Pat Hickey

Treat with Mycil oinment such as for Athletes Foot use it very sparingly.Cut a small strip of cotton wool and put it on after the oinment this keeps the cheeks of the backside from rubbing against each other and helps to stop the friction.When the itch eases get a tube of Kenacomb oinment make sure they dont try to sell you cream as this wont work as it soaks into the skin and dries and cause an irritation. I have been on this for three months after trying everything else and I am having great results contact me at


Soak two or three dried figs that have been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned in some water for 8 to 12 hours and eat them in the morning and in the evening. Do this treatment for two or three weeks.

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