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50 Home Remedies for Arthritis


It's great to see so many people who are open to trying 'natural' approaches to arthritis. I've always believed our good Creator has put natural things on this earth that we can use to help us. I prefer the natural approach when ever possible to taking pharmaceuticals, or when possible to reduce pharmaceutical reliance. Of course you should preferably include your doctor when using nutritional and herbal supplements, the 'natural' approach. You'll find some are very up on such things and others are more oriented toward traditional drugs even though they may bring troublesome side effects. There is research on-line that talks about how prickly pear fruit is one of mother nature's 'natural' remedies. It's rich in flavanoids and betalains (the antioxidants) believed to help reduce inflammation, which is at the core of a lot of diseases today including arthritis. Time Magazine had an interesting front page in February 23, 2004, called 'The Secret Killer- The surprising link between inflammation and heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimers and other diseases. What you can do about it.' The actual cover article is called: 'Health:The Fires Within.' The authors talk about chronic inflammation, and how keeping these fires down with anti inflammatory remedies will be influential in reducing these diseases. One of the more popular approaches to anti inflammatory treatment is with the consumption of prickly pear products.

Prickly pear fruit and the nopal cactus it grows on have been used for centuries as a food and medicinal food in helping with arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, and many other diseases that have inflammation at the root. Only more recently have doctors begun to recognize their benefits. Popular tv Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil have both mentioned their benefits as well (you can do a google search with their name and 'prickly pear' and find their take on this). That is why there are so many products now that are including prickly pear juice, prickly pear extract, and prickly pear powder in their ingredients. For example, my husband has found help with his arthritis in his fingers by taking 'Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder,' which he buys on line and mixes in water, juice, and smoothies. (It's very affordable and easier than harvesting your own prickly pears.) He pointed out to me in the customer testimonial page of the site he found that there are many who claim a reduction in arthritis, stiffness, joint pain, etc. I was impressed with the scientific research studies on the benefits of prickly pear and the nopal cactus on that same site. I think each person is different and may respond more positively to one thing than another. But I think if your quest is to search for 'natural' answers to your inflammation issues, you'll find them if you're open minded, and willing to try various herbal remedies (supported by scientific and nutritional data). Thank you for providing a forum to share valuable remedies with fellow sufferers. Good luck!! Sincerely, HyrumsNana.


take three or four glasses of white gaurd juice everyday canreduce swelling, pain and other problems of artharitis


Try eliminating dairy from your diet. I know a man who has rheumatoid arthritis but if he eliminates all dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream etc.) from his diet, the pain goes away. If he eats so much as a slice of pizza, the pain returns and is so bad he has to crawl when he gets out of bed in the morning. I know others who have tried the vegan diet and found relief from arthritis pain. It's my understanding that this works for some who have rheumatoid arthritis. Maybe wouldn't work for osteo arthritis.


a very cheap and useful remedy i have seen lots of older people use in india
boil a glass of milk and add

1 spoon of turmeric powder(you can normally buy at any regular indian grocery store or online indian grocery sites)
1 spoon of honey(some people use spoon of clarified butter instead)
and drink it slowly.if you are mixing honey i dont recommend boiling milk instead you can use suger but u dont have to if you can drink like that. and yes it is very useful if you have a broken bone drink it everyday till get cured and see the magic


The best way to cure arthritis is to eat Ox tail and bone marrow very often.
I know a lady who is 55 and she developed mild Arthritis because she constantly uses her hands and puts a lot of strain on them them when she cleand and cooks.
She started eating Ox tail for a while and she was able to move her fingers freely again with no pain.


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. After taking convention medic ion for one year, I notice that the convention medicine decreases pain, but not really cure arthritis, also the medicine hurts my stomach. I begin to do home remedy for myself, eating fresh food like broccoli and spinach every day , no processed food and fried food to improve my immune system function. Also I study Chinese herbs and search them online . I find that Vine Essence Capsules is superior herbal formula for Rheumatoid Arthritis. After using Vine Essence Capsules one month, I have no more swallow and pain on my hands. The pain on my ankle is much less. Vine Essence does not hurt my stomach and I feel my energy level is raised after taking it. Hope in a few months more, I will arthritis free. I highly recommend people with Rheumatoid Arthritis use Vine Essence capsule. I bought it online at


Cinnamon few times a week or more is moistening to joints! Omega 3 oils in flaxseed, hempseed oil, and other foods is great for moistening/ hydrating the joints (increasing the synovial fluids). Moderate exercises like qi gong, walkin, gardening, range of motion actually helps to restore joints, tendons, muscles, body tissue. Rubbing Organic Almond oil or Organic Coconut oil mixed with Lavender Essential oil a drop per Fluid ounce of oil, Juniper Berry essential Oil (couple drops to few fluid ounces of Almond or Coconut oil ). There are other essential oils that are great for joints and these situations.


arthis remdy my both shouder of hand were frozn mean jam their sevre pain.i used lemon 12 per day without suger and salt for two to three now i dont know wher was pain


Try Barleans evening primerose oil.
Consider removing silver fillings in your teeth.Detoxify your body.


Try Wobenzym N keep using this products until you see results.Silver fillings in your teeth could be the blame. Detoxify your body.

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