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52 Home Remedies for Pet Care



SAFE PEST CONTROL - Do you have trouble with ants but your afraid to use poison because of your pets. THEN DONT! Try putting out some cornmeal instead. They will take it to their nest to eat. Little do they know they can't digest it and will kill out their whole colony. Leaving your pet safe and your home chemical free.



EAR MITES - Try a few drops of mineral oil twice a day for 1-2 weeks. They can't breath and will smother to death.



ANIMAL NUT HEATHER HERE - I have a trick up my sleeve for nearly anything and everything. Just to clear the air I have 6 dogs, 7 cats, 4 birds, and several fish...I've rescued, saved, and raised....skunks, possums, squirrels, foxes, and racoons from babies! Yelp this chic has been there and done that! Look for Tips from me: ANIMAL NUT HEATHER

Want to catch fleas running loose in your home....sure you've heard how to kill them in the carpet and on the here's you a flea trap!

Small white dish (they love white) a little water and a touch of dawn (deadly to them ya know) and place it under a night light....while you sleep they's like your own little flea zapper....I flipped the first time I used it. Figure out the worst area in your home and that's the BEST area to set your trap!


Is your dog not able to go to the bathroom because he ate something or is stoped up? Give the dog a half can of pumpkin. Keep giving to him until able to use the bathroom.


Bag Balm is great for 'clipper burn' after dog grooming.

Avoid clipper burn by clipping the sensitive areas first while the clipper is still cool. Use 'Kool Lube' spray also to cool clippers.

Cut in the same direction as the growth of the hair, not against.

Cover area (usually rear end) with old pair of men's briefs or small pajamas cut down. Tighten to fit with a SAFETY diaper pin. This will save getting greasy stains on carpeting, etc. and also keep the dog from irritating the burn so it can heal.

PaPa Jeem

Dog Mange: 1% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. You get this with a 3% Solution bottle from Wal-Mart poured into a container then fill the bottle with water twice and add to the same bucket. One part 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 parts water equal a 1% solution. The water dilutes the 3% solution to 1% solution. Now put in borax until it won't dissolve any more and you're done. Borax is not a laundry soap it is a chemical (boric acid mostly) and is used as a laundry booster. Its cheap and available at Wal-mart as well. It won't hurt the all. There are some kennels that suggest a dose in the food (I think this is unwise) but the borax bath is kills the fleas as well. Hope this helps as the previously left instructions are a bit convuluted....CHEERS!


I came across an herbalist who said adding garlic powder to wet cat food will get rid of tape worms.
I did a particularly heavy dose on my two cats and sure enough it worked!
No more worms and for under $1
I'm sure if you added a smaller amount a few times it would also work.


To get fleas off your pet, try bathing them in Dawn dish washing liquid. It kills the fleas it comes in contact with. Borax worked for the carpet better than salt for me. We used it for roaches, too before we moved into our house. Advantage works to help keep the fleas off, but Dawn will kill most, if not all, fleas.


A few years ago, the area below my rabbit's eyes was infected due to scratching himself with his dirty nails. The hair in that area was crusty, and fell off. Underneath his skin was raw. He had puss, some bleeding, and swelling. I managed to fix him up myself. I cleaned the infected areas thouroughly with warm water. Then I placed a couple of drops of betadine on some cortizone 10 (about a half inch squeeze, and mixed it up. After cleaning his skin, I rubbed some fresh aloe vera gel on the infected areas, and allowed it to dry a bit. Then I rubbed on the cortizone & betadine mixture. I did this for a couple of days and low and behold, it worked! And his hair grew back.


For dogs breeds that commonly get hotspots (oozy sores that appear overnight, get rapidly larger, and cause hair to fall out--all for no apparent reason and more common in hot, humid summers), such as labs, bird dogs, and pugs, you can visit the vet, buy the tube of ointment and treat it for two weeks or more before it slowly disappears or you can try this remedy: Take sulfur powder (also called flour of sulfur and available at the pharmacy) and mix it with enough rubbing alcohol to form a thick paste. Cake it onto the affected area of your dog and leave it there until it dries and falls off on its own. Do this for two days. It will sting the dog when it is first applied, but it goes away. The sore will dry up, heal, and hair will regrow. The cost is very cheap--less than 10 cents per treatment.

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