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I have 2 havanese and their poor adorable faces were marred by tear stains. I read several forums about it and tried a few. The best I found was also the cheapest. The guys’ water is in a container that gives fresh water as they drink. The reservoir holds about 2 quarts. Each time I fill it up, I add 3 caps-full of white vinegar to the water. The tear stains are gone! The little bit of vinegar changes their ph just enough to prevent the rust from growing in the eye secretion. You can adjust the amount of vinegar to your dog’s tolerance. This works in a few days but may not remove the old stains. For that, mix corn start and equal parts plain Milk of Mag and peroxide to form a paste. Spread the paste on the stain, being careful to not get any in the eyes, and leave on until it dries, then wipe off. The peroxide bleaches the stain while the MOM kills the yeast that causes it. If you don’t do the vinegar too, you will have to do the paste on a daily basis. If you do the vinegar, you will only need to do the paste a few days…


I tried Pet Armor...less than a week later, my 2 havanese & 1 Jack Russell were digging at fleas again. So I spent the money for Frontline Plus. Within days, you guessed it! My littlest Havanese has chewed so much that he has sores on his bald leg! (Havs are long haired, for those who don't know.) I went to the local pet store and they had no other ideas as they normally recommend the Frontline Plus. So I returned home thinking about what some people have told me and other things I knew. A friend mentioned vinegar, and I know fleas can't stand salt. I dumped about an inch of salt into the bottle of a spray bottle then filled it half-way with white vinegar & the rest the way with water and shook it up. I saturated the dogs with the mixture, making sure to get all the way to the skin. I left it on several minutes, until it was almost dry. Next I bathed my guys in dish soap-lots of dish soap. After I rinsed them, I put conditioner on them because 'pickling' them was very drying on their hair & skin. I saw tons of fleas in the water, & I just checked and though they still have a few fleas, the blood suckers are moving very slow...In a few days, I will do it all over again, but I think I will add lemon juice to the mixture as I hear fleas hate citrus too. Hopefully, getting rid of the live ones will allow the Frontline to control any new ones...Btw, adding vinegar to their water doesn’t help control fleas…I have been doing that flor several months, as it does get rid of tear stains-it changes the ph…


Want to bathe your cat? Try putting an old window screen in the bottom of the bathtub or utility sink. The cat will sink it's claws into the screen and hang on for dear life the entire time you're bathing him/her. It works!


A yeast infection in a dogs ears can be cured temporarily by using athletes foot cream.


When we bathe our dog we have found that Joy soap kills fleas better than any other soap.


When my cat had kittens the vet told me I was unable to treat her or the house for fleas-this was in the middle of the flea season. Surprise, surprise fleas EVERYWHERE! My daughter sleeps with her lamp on all night, when I went for her change of clothes, I noticed the little worms all over her lamp and dresser. I poured some Dawn dish detergent into a spray bottle with warm water and sprayed it everywhere. You could see the worms shriveling up and dying. This was a half an hour ago, and I haven't noticed a flea around me yet, when I would normally be attacked. Advantage and flea collars do not work for my cats(also have two pet rats-no flea medication for them!), anyone have any idea what else I can try for the cats, or even on the rats? I have used Dawn, flea shampoo, goats milk soap(baby kind-repels the fleas but doesn't kill them), I'll take any hints!


my dog was diagnosed with cardiac heart failure, the vet wanted me to take him to a dog cardiologist @ $1,000 + meds, x-rays, etc.
my nutritionist told me about Standard Process cardiac care for dogs - he now acts like a pup, it's been 14 months and counting he's now 15. He's a 7 lb silver poodle. $15/bottle is a lot better the $$$$$.


Three great remedies!

Dog swallowed a glass christmas ornament-

Soak cotton balls in milk or cream and feed them to the dog. Up to 7 for larger dogs and split them in half for smaller dogs. The cotton will wrap itself around the glass and it protects the intestinal tract to pass through!

Dog needs to lose weight-

Feed half the amount of regular food, supplement the other half with canned unsalted green beans. Just as filling but passes right through!

Cat is sick and won't eat -

Try ham flavored baby food. No kidding it works!

Guin E. Apig. lol.

Scared to cut your guinea pig's nail for the first time?
That's alright, because here are some tips to make it a quiet soothing bonding time.
1)If you don't have the Styptic powder. You can use corn starch.
2)You can feed your guinea pig it's favorite treat to make it soothing.
3)Talk to it soothingly.

Hope this helped!


Did your dog or cat eat something bad? Hydrogen peroxide induces vomiting! Just use a syringe to force peroxide into their mouths/throats. Within a few minutes they will vomit!

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