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52 Home Remedies for Pet Care


Want a low calorie treat for your dog? Something to use for training that won't pack on the pounds? Or just something to spoil them? Raw carrots and popcorn work great! I use cut carrots as a training treat and my JRT loves them!


By far, the absolute best prevention or remedy for fleas, ticks, most types of worms, lice, and ear mites is REVOLUTION parasite prevention medication. It is used like Frontline, Pet Armor, etc. but is way better because it covers all types of parasites and lasts longer than a month. It is more expensive than most and (sadly) requires a prescription but is worth it because it takes care of just about any parasite you can think of. I have several cats and dogs and have found w/o any doubt that this is the cheapest most effective treatment in the long run. Topical treatments for ear mites are usually ineffective but with this product they disappear. Worm medication is extremely expensive and you have to know which worm you are dealing with. Many of these treatments don't prevent chewing lice. With this product you cover all your bases. To save money, get a 12 month prescription from vet which cuts down on vet visits. Send prescription to 1-800-Pet-Meds or Foster & Smith mail order pet products. They will keep it on file so you don't have to buy all the doses at one time. No,I don't work for this manufacturer but I do swear by their product.


If your dog is constipated, add a small amount of olive oil as needed to loosen his bowels. I have a 14 pound poodle and I put a few drops of oil in his breakfast meal whenever he has a hard time pooping.


After spending over $ 3,000.00 on a Pet Hospital and a Vet Office because my cat was sneezing BLOOD - they told me he has chronic rhinitis and to keep him on the same antibiotic and antihistimine regimine that they had him on - that was NOT working for him, I came across 'Vim and Vigor' from the Vermont Store. It was a miracle ! How ever, my cat was NOT amused - as it tasted horribly to him (base is vinegar!) Thankfully, the sneezes with blood stopped almost immediately - but he still WAS occasionally sneezing. This is when I found 'Coloidal Silver' at a health food store. It is totally tastless and easily mixes in with his wet food - AND almost ALL his sneezes have since stopped and fingers crossed - NO blood mixed in with any of them. Once in a while I will give him a little Vim and Vigor - but not that often - as the Coloidal Silver helps tremendously AND is much easier to give him. I will only take him to a holistic vet from now on :)



Floppy ear syndrome.

Whisky/vodka in the ear daily will sterilize the ear in a four days. It will sting till infection is gone. Rubbing alcohol stings more.

Pets usually lay down with the worst ear up. Great time to apply. I wet a tissue then squeeze over the ear.

You could try it on yourself. Lots of things thrive in our ears so you can witness less stinging each day.


The best way to get rid of fleas in a lot less expensive way is giving your pet a bath in dawn blue dish detergent. Make sure its the Blue kind!!!You will literally see the fleas come off of them.
If you have them in your house too you can also steam clean your carpet with it, as well as washing your clothes and furniture in it too.
When washing your clothes you add it to your original laundry detergent and only add a little because dish detergent is very soapy.
Once there gone get Frontline so your pet does not get them back or just in case you missed one throughout your house. Yes, its a little expensive but it's literally the only thing that works.
When my dog had fleas my vet suggested the blue soap and also frontline, she also told me to avoid anything else but it just DOES NOT WORK. I don't even know why they sell it.

But I promise you, from experience this works.


Well If you want to get fleas off your dog I always use the DIAL HANDSOAP. You will see the fleas come right off while your bathing him/her.
GOOD LUCK! I hope it helped.


If your pet have cuts and scratches then apply turmuric(haldi)paste or neem paste.After the wound heels up apply pure coconut oil.Make sure to keep it wet with coconut oil until new skin grows.Try and comment soon.


I've had dogs all my life and have been in pet care business 20+ years now, so thought I'd pass along a little of what I know (wish it was more).
Grind up freeze dried liver treats and sprinkle on top of food.
Q-TIPS w/very little A & D ointment on them.
However, the best solution is NOT a home remedy. METAMAX from your vet is an antibiotic ointment you rub into ears and voila-- after 10 yrs. with sharpei's suffering their problems are solved!
Put duct tape at the edge of your vacuum without an attachment so it doesn't hurt dog's skin and vacuum away. My dogs actually love it (move back and forth along dog to vacuum out loose/old hair).
Depends on severity. If not bad, clean and apply A & D ointment. If bad to worse, betadine solution cleaning is best (gets out all infection and dirt and allows to heal). Follow by A & D ointment if necessary. Hot spots usually clear in a day.
It's usually a food allergy. Change to Eukanuba Dry food only with a splash of water-- either Lamb & Rice or if really bad go to the allergy brand dry (that's what I use for my 2 shar pies).
CONSTIPATION (OK, this is gross).
Rubber glove, A & D ointment, and pull out the 'rocks' that are blocking the outlet (thank god only had to do this once) OR a 1/2 tsp. of Metamucil (not too much!) or less mixed in with food and water (need water to avoid choking and clumping).
Best of luck!


Dehydrated Dog? You can always tell by loss of appetite, white/pale gums, infrequent urination, lethargy, etc.
This method is typically a 'last option', but is very effective!

Administer a rectal fleet enema. (preferably OUTSIDE! the dog will be like a ticking bomb the moment you insert the enema into it's butt!) Try to give him/her the whole thing if you can, but if not at least 1/2 the bag will help out. Use vaseline or coco butter for extra lubrication to make your baby more comfortable :) The saline solution directly re hydrates the dog's colon. I promise this works I saved my German shepherd's life this way, she almost died and probably would have if I wasn't handed this advice. God bless! :)

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