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Arteriosclerosis Home Remedies

12 Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis


Atherosclerosis leads to serious heart diseases. This is a result of high cholestrol level, blood pressure and smoking.The state leads to the formation of plaque through the destruction of the endothelium lining.Use natural supplements like fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids.The study conducted on this oil is a best proof showing 47\\% people are at the low risks of this disease. Rather than the people who eat less fish supplements. If there is high level of fat accumulation intake 3,000 mg EPA+DHA daily. Try to avoid eating food items like red meat, coconut oils, beverages and sugary foods.

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Avoid vegetable oils and high fructose corn syrup like it was the plague. It may be hard to believe but cholesterol does not cause heart disease. It is a symptom and modern medicine is focused on symptoms and not causes. Fact is oxidation from rancid vegetable oils cause the hardening of the arteries. Vegetable oils are treated with deodorizers so they do not smell rancid. The drug industry and the AMA are killing the population. 631,631 deaths last year proves that and of those deaths over half of them had normal cholesterol readings. Stay away from all processed foods as they all contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and high fructose corn syrup. Eat lots of anti oxidants and the disease will cease to be a danger unless there is already massive damage.
This is the biggest scam ever put over on the American population and the drug industry is getting rich off manipulating us with the fear of the wrong boogey man at least the one they can sell..


Calcium build-up in the arteries that can cause stroke and other serious problems can be avoided by the intake of vitamin K, vitamin K2 is the preferred form and is more expensive, but any vitamin K supplement is beneficial.

Vitamin K helps the body to direct calcium to the bones, and not build-up and harden in the arteries.


Mono unsaturated fat in AVACADOS lowers cholesterol.


Take vitamin C for aid in prevention of blood clots and fat deposits.


Take lecithin to break up cholesterol and remove deposits.


Eat whole foods and foods low in fat. Do not eat processed foods or foods rich in sugar or oil.


Calcium and magnesium will help prevent fatty deposits.


Take a combination of garlic, hawthorn, and cayenne. Garlic removes cholesterol from the bloodstream and makes deposits less sticky. Hawthorn regulates blood pressure and makes the heart stronger. Cayenne pepper helps purify the circulatory system, strengthen the pulse rate, and regulate the heart and blood pressure and will also increase the helpfulness of other herbs.


Eat apples to aid in the prevention of cholesterol absorption.

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