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18 Home Remedies for Nosebleeds


I use 2 have a ton of nosebleeds but I went 2 the ENT and since then my nosebleeds haven't shown up in 2 years!
[ENT means ears,nose,and throat doctor]
~hope this helps! <3~


For a bloody nose, lay on the ground and have someone firmly smack the bridge of each foot with the palm of their hand. The nosebleed should immediately stop. Sometimes hitting it right takes a little practice.


This is dedicated to the poor souls who have very frequent nosebleeds.
If you want to put an end to it (at least 99.9999% of the time) I suggest that each morning you put Preparation H Cooling gel into each nostril. (Wow did
it work for me!!) It not only stops the nosebleeds but it stops your nose from
producing unmentionable foreign material. The reason why it works is that it shrinks the blood veins in your nose (preventing them from bursting) as it does for the other thing that it was produced for. You might get a slight runny nose from using this stuff but it doesn't last long and is very manageable
It really works!!


Put some Ice in some water and let it get cold.Fold up a section of paper towel,even a section of brown paper bag or a coffee filter will work,fold it up till its about 1/2' wide by 3'.Soak this in the ice water and then place it on the gum just under the nose and above the upper teeth and press it into place.Hold it there by closing mouth,The bleeding will stop in a little bit.Sometimes you need to repeat it,so soak two strips and have one ready.


To stop a nosebleed pinch the nose firmly (but not hard) at the bridge of your nose just below the bone. Do NOT lie down or tilt the head back, as this makes the blood go down your throat and will make you sick to your stomach. Hold this pinch for 2 -3 minutes until bleeding stops. Do NOT blow your nose. This will blow the clot out and make it start bleeding again.

To PREVENT nosebleeds, keep a humidifier going to keep the air moist (especially in the winter) and use saline drops in the nose every evening before bed. ALso, using a q-tip, swab the inside of your nostrils with petroleum jelly. Most spontaneous nosebleeds are caused by drying. (If not by injury or picking of course)


For nosebleeds use natural apple cider vinegar. Dab tissue, kleenex, or a cotton ball in 'ACV' and place it in your nostril or nostrils for 30 seconds-1 minute and the bleeding will stop instantly.


Eat leafy green vegetables and take chlorophyll as a preventative measure.


Take cayenne, goldenseal, and white oak bark to help with bleeding.

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