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18 Home Remedies for Nosebleeds


As a small boy, I had frequent nosebleeds most commonly in the mountains at Lake Tahoe or in Palm Springs. As time progressed, so did my nosebleeds. I am 55 and even in San Francisco at sea level with 50\\% humidity I am still getting them. I was tested and confirmed to have a low platelet count.

My biggest frustration is when the bleeds occurred. I had no control: at a business presentation, friends party, or the beginning of a family trip. Once I get them I would pinch to get it stopped and rest quietly for the next few days with no activity. I would go to the Ear / nose / throat doctor 10 times a year and have had at least 20 different bleeders cauterized.

The good news, is, with trial and error over the last 4 years, I have found a home remedy, safe, and easy to manage.

Initially I assumed my trigger point was humidity. So, for years I tried ointments and saline sprays, but I still got the nosebleeds. I tried drinking more water 80 ounces a day (I am a 165 lb person) to be better hydrated, not much help.

One day I had a big client meeting and worried as my sinus felt dry. I decided to look at what my doctor sees in my nose. I purchased a small 3” convex compact mirror that has 15 x magnification and a high intensity pen light. This was unbelievable. It was the beginning to finding the solution. You may need to get a nose hair trimmer to see more clearly. You now can at any time, (I do this every morning before work) take a look in the mirror and see if there is a possible nose bleed that may occur in the next several hours .

You can determine if there are dry scabs which make break away to cause a bleed; you can also see the healthy tissue. I was now able to decide my activity for the day based on how the tissues look. Pink and moist : excellent Crusty and dry: trouble ahead.

With the mirror and flashlight, I could now experiment. I tried the saline spray, ointments, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, etc. Nothing really made a difference. Red wine the night before, you bet, lots of scabs in the morning. Interestingly, the scabs seemed to be more evident in the early morning and as the day progressed, the scabs got smaller.

Randomly one day I had severely bloody spots in my nose. I drank an 18 ounce Gatorade, and about 1 hour later and I looked into my nose again, the bloody spots were GONE! All these years I assumed it was the outside environment; at the end of the day, it was internal hydration. Gatorade has sugar, salt, potassium, magnesium which give you electrolytes and somehow it was able to hydrate me unlike plain water.

Because of all the sugar in Gatorade, I came across NUUN ACTIVE and I swear by them. They are small tablets that come in a sleeve which I keep in my overnight bag(along with an extra mirror and pen light). NUUN are ½ the cost of Gatorade and they have NO SUGAR. I play squash, swim, and run regularly, and these tablets are fantastic energy as well. The electrolytes make a significance in my endurance.

Now, Anytime I see scabs in my mirror, I take a NUUN in a 12 ounce of water and in one hour, I am safe to play in any activity, even at elevations, or dry deserts.

So, to finish this story with a happy ending, it has been over 2 years, and I have not had a single nose bleed. Anytime I am flying longer than 3 hours, hiking in the mountains, I take my NUUN.

I wish you all the best and I hope this story can help you reduce or even eliminate your nosebleeds too.


I am 50yrs old and over the past year, I had daily nosebleeds. I went to specialist and had nose cauterized. 3 weeks later it started bleeding again. Went to GP and got a round of antibiotics; same thing, worked for a while then started all over again. Then I read that hormonal changes can cause nose bleeds. That was interesting yet there was no solution. Do I wait it out? So here's what I did. Menopause can wreck havoc with your immune system because of the undo stress. To add to that, you body is 'drying'.... could that apply to the nose too? I continued my saline spray daily and bought zinc, Vit C and Vit D in little melt-away tabs that taste like sweet tarts. 6 weeks and I am cured. No hint of a nose bleed. I blow my nose whenever I need to and NO NOSE bleeds!! That was remarkable, truly remarkable. HOpe this helps someone out there.


Haven't really had a nosebleed since about July 2013. Was having them almost daily and spitting up a little black dried blood in the AM. Dark yellow yucky stuff would be in the tissue mostly from the right side. Could not blow my nose without having a nosebleed and sometimes would be doing nothing and blood would drip out. Had a sinus infection, started using Nutribiotic nose spray. Sounds crazy, but thought I would drown from this brown stuff that kept forming in my sinuses. Literally in about an hour the brown stuff slowed and in about 3 days the infection was over. I really should have gone to the ER as I had a nasty headache on the right side and was probably going to develop pneumonia. My health food store guy said to try switching to a saline spray. I did, but Dr. Oz said after 3 days on a nose spray your body I believe is somewhat addicted. Few months later got a cold; nosebleeds kept happening but surprisingly when I had the cold I could blow my nose and there was no blood. Didn't go back to the spray, but to get rid of the cold that hung on a month, I read about grapefruit seed extract. I put 10 drops in 8oz. veg juice and take it in the AM. Instructions say it is very caustic and read bad reviews that said people put it directly on their tongue and pretty much burned their tongue. I don't let it get on my skin unless it's diluted. It's been a few months and I haven't had a nosebleed, cold or flu so I don't know why, but it worked. I used Nurtribiotic. I can blow my nose now, though I do it more gently as I read too hard can cause sinus problems. Hope this helps someone.


To help stop nose bleed calm/still yourself best you can, and take small piece of tissue and twist moderately so it can be gently inserted in nostril(s).

If it totally saturates, form another and replace.

Once bleeding stops, leave tissue plug in place for a while, for pulling it out may start the bleeding again.

When pulling it out - do it very slowly with a slight bit of a twisting action.

If nose bleeds frequently investigate probable causes, and address accordingly...searching for safest, simplest, effectual treatments.

Sometimes one (especially children) simply 'grows out of it'.


My daughter had terrible nose bleeds, iced the bridge of the nose, pinch the bridge, as we laid her back and assured her that she wasn't dying. What I found out was, when I changed the air filter in the house, she wouldn't get nose bleeds. She was always the indicator of when it was time to change the air filter.


Hold an ice cube on the bridge of your nose.


I believe this is worth sharing as i tried this purely from reading what certain home cures do what. Like lemons; very good for the skin. As winter sets in and central heating dries the air, I blow my nose and there is a bit of blood there from vessels breaking. These are not full on nose bleeds. My doctor gave me Naseptin, it helps but the blood spots come back. I then tried a finger rub with Castor Oil, as the bleeds occur from vessels about 20mm up. After 2 days and 1 treatment per night, the blood spots have gone. Castor oil penetrates the skin and seems to strengthen it around the blood vessels. Its a bit of a gooey oil, but does have some great properties.

B. Johnston

I have had serial nosebleeds for many years. I read about tests with capsicum for several problems. I have commenced putting a fresh broken chili in the nostril every day. If I forget the remedy the nose dries and bleeding may start. In that case I can just put a broken chili in that nostril to start the sinus again and immediately stop the bleeding.

It has a serious effect of opening the nerves - burning sensation - dosage and timing is important.

I would recommend that medical companies try this treatment for proper dosage and long term or immediate treatment for small bleeds.

This is not a replacement for medical tests to reveal underlying problems. I get my annual check-up but doctors declare me healthy each time. Most doctors sniff at nose-bleeds. Parts of my family could be said to suffer from this problem.

The broken chili does reinvigorate the slightly defunct nostril. Normal sneezing etc. has recommenced.


A friend of mine had really bad nose bleeds and had them quite often. He went to his regular physician which, sent him to a specialist. The specialist told my friend that it was caused by his nose being to dry, which would cause the inside of you nose to crack and bleed... Kind of like chapped lips. He said that he could give him an expensive prescription but, sugested he us KY JELLY, just wash hands first, put a little on you finger and coat the inside of each nostril. This can be done several times a day, as needed. The reason is, KY JELLY is water based therefore, more natural unlike Vaseline/petroleum jelly. My son has been doing this as well and it works!

***To femove blood stains from clothes/sheets soak spot in peroxide for a couple of min. then wash in cold water. For the mattress, put a little peroxide on the spot with a toothbrush and clean gently till the spot is removed... For best results, if you have a carpet steamer or wet vac... after using the peroxide, apply clean water and rinse to remove the blood/peroxide instead of just allowing it to soak farther in the mattress (yuck). Good luck and God bless!

Barney bancroft

After several months of having bad nosebleeds, sometimes 3 or 4 a day,I used a smear of Preparation H on two mornings, and the bleeds have stopped. I haven't had one since (9 months) I had consulted my doctor, and had the bleeds cauterized on three occasions. None of the treatments lasted more than a couple of days before the bleeds started again.
Give Preparation H, or something similiar, a try. It certainly worked for me.

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