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18 Home Remedies for Nightmares


Dont keep your hand on ur heart while sleeping, it will scare you. That is what i learnt from my granny.


Before you go to bed, think of anything that you do not want to dream about, i promise you won't!


Avoid eating before bedtime. If you eat before you go to sleep that can cause nightmares.


Do not sleep on your back or with your head or chest facing up.


As you sleep read a book while listening
to soft tranquel music. a selection of music I use to curb my nightmares are as
such groups as Belle Morte, and NiN,
even as soft as sepultra. You should have a peaceful night sleep


Drink hops or nettle tea for night sweats.


Take lobelia, skullcap, and yarrow before bed.


Take calcium and vitamin D as a preventative measure.

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