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18 Home Remedies for Nightmares


Putting black pepper in a crescent shape at the foot of your bed.

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Many nightmares are caused by demonic oppression. They like to torment and caused fearIf your born again pray to bind demons in Jesus name, ask for protection from demonic attack as you sleep. Ask God to release your angel to protect you as you sleep.


i learned that what ever you think about ar talk about before you go to bed is what you would end up dreaming about.. so try not to think about anything you wouldnt want to think about!!


If you have nightmares there is most likley a psychological reason for it. I ama student of Jungian psychology and have studied dreams for 18 years and interpret dreams. All dreams offer objective solutions to psychological conflicts. Dreams speak in the language of symbol and metaphor. You can learn more at my website Myths-Dreams-Symbols. This is a totally free website.


my name is amanda when i was a little girl i had nightmares about getting kidnapped every night finally my mom was fed up with these nightmares, so she looked it up online and found a trick that said to sleep with a broom under my pillow every night. i did that and the first night i didnt have any nightmares whatsoever. i havent had a nightmare since!!!


I heard that the hotter your room tempurature is the more likely you are to have nightmares. try to make sure your room doesnt get too hot at night. try leave on a light fan.


For Nightmares drink a cup of warm milk with two teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. right before bed and you'll sleep like baby.


chammomile helps prevent nightmares and passion flower will help you fall asleep. make a tea of these. skullcap gives many people nightmares.


put a bible under your pillow, say a little prayer. this always helps my daughter who always thinks the worst and has always had awful nightmares.


Try not to eat any fast food or food that is high in acids 2 hours before bedtime. and poof! byebye nightmares!

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