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5 Home Remedies for Nerves


Take magnesium or spray it onto your body (magnesium oil), also make sure you have enough of B, C and D vitamins. If you don't want to take supplements, you can get a really nice vitamin mixture if you juice a few celery stalks. A fresh juice of carrots and cucumbers is also wonderful and refreshing. Make sure you drink your fresh within 10 or so minutes within making it, that way most of the enzymes stay intact.


If you suffer from shaking hands and finger control problems not associated with alcoholism, parkinson, or MS. Drink two cups of tea each day with one tablespoon of local made honey to steady the hands.


Place a drop of primrose oil on the tongue for nervous spasms.


Take thiamine and vitamin B6 every day for general nervous system health.


Drink catnip, chamomile, hops, horsetail, marshmallow, peach leaf, peppermint, or spearmint tea for relaxation.

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