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59 Home Remedies for Nausea


What works for me on nausea, is eating saltine crackers, drinking ginger ale, 7 up, sprite, or alka seltzer. Those have always worked for me.


Soda Crackers (Premium plus) Pretty good remedy, the Baking Soda in the crackers helps to neutralize stomach acid and nausea (Also good for mild heartburn)

... as for the benadryl... That's an antihistamine not antinauseant, benadry stops itch it's never helped me with nausea. I'd takea gravol for that.


Eat a chocolate peppermint patty, works for me every time : )


I have two different ones for this, Pick up 'pregnancy pops' from a health food store(these are suckers that come in herb flavors known to cure nausea) or try one or two of the new liquid ice mints from ice breakers in pepermint flavor


Take a Benedryl for nausea. My doctor recommended it and it works everytime for me.


Chew a sprig of mint or have a cup of peppermint tea.


Take vitamin B6 and wild yam as a preventative measure.


Chew ginger sticks, drink ginger tea, or take some ginger in capsule form for quick relief.


Drink alfalfa, basil, catnip, ginger, peach leaf, peppermint, red raspberry, or slippery elm tea.

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