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59 Home Remedies for Nausea


Things that have worked for others and myself:

-Green Olives with Garlic (best)
-Ginger ale, sprite, coke syrup
...and of course Cool air

As far as meds go... promethazine is by far the best I've seen and used.


Underneath your wrist (where you would check your pulse) move your fingers to the base of the visible veins at the wrist. This is typically about 4 finger widths from the palm of your hand (3') This is a pressure point that if massaged during nausea usually helps.


Ginger! I have chronic nausea and nothing beats it like ginger. When I'm acidic, I take ginger pills instead of drinking ginger tea with honey. Good ginger snaps and gingerale are also great. However, BE CERTAIN there is actually ginger in the ingredients! Many are just molasses derived. Many gingerales dont really have ginger in them.

It doesn't take much ginger to cure nausea, motion sickness and prevent vomiting.


I am allergic to mint, so for those of you who don't like it, or are unable to eat it, try simply smelling it. It works for me all the time, and almost instantly.

Also, you can use pressure points to help, like the spot between your thumb and index finger, or the spot in the middle of your wrist.

If you normally drink carbonated drinks to help ease nausea, I recommend staying away from sugary drinks. Try diet sodas or fizzy water,

Ginger helps alot too. Have some ginger tea or ginger ale.

Avoid being too warm. Warmth usually adds to the feeling of nausea. Use some ice packs of cool washcloths on your neck and face to help.

Eat some plain crackers to get some food in your stomach, avoid sugary, oily, fatty and salty foods of course.

Finally, the number one way to rid yourself of nausea is, of course, to vomit. I realize its not the most fun thing to do, but it is the best way to help rid yourself of nausea, especially if you feel that your nausea is coming from the flu or food poisoning.

I hope this helps!

Blessed by Birth

Keep non-perishable snacks by bedside, such as bottle WATER dried fruits, nuts, or raisin - to aide off any nausea caused when first getting up out of bed.


Drink tonic water with lemon juice.

Krystal *f-in* Bost

As far as prescription antiemitics go, Phenergan (promethazine) works the best BY FAR. Hydroxyzine, another antihistamine, works too, it's just not as fast as Promethazine. I also use a LOT of ice packs--one on the back of my neck, one on my forhead, and one on my tummy. That helps the most until the medicine can kick in. I am deathly afraid of vomiting and these things always work for me. If you don't have access to Promethazine or Hydroxyzine, try Meclizine (Less Drowsy Dramamine). It works better than the regular Dramamine, which has Dipenhydramine.


Any type of peppermint gum will ease nausea. I also use Yogi stomach ease, ginger, and lemon ginger teas they all help as well.


Try drinking one half cup of kosher dill pickle juice. This works everytime for nausea. The frist drink is rough but the rest is better. This will help you alot.


One cure for me when I start to feel nausea coming on is to take a washcloth and soak it in cold water then lie down and place it on your forehead wetting your face whenever. Much like the cure for wettting you face and neck.

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