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59 Home Remedies for Nausea


Ginger tea, or ginger nut biscuits. I am 12 weeks pregnant and very nauseous everyday.


couple cups of mint tea with honey and sugar does the trick! wait for a couple burps and you're set! ;)


This is what helps me wit nausea. Get 3 glasses of cold water. 1 to drink n one to dip a washcloth in as needed. Take a laxative put the washcloth on forehead, neck or stomach. Wait for the laxative to kick in I am sure you will feel better. Also try Ginger ale, crackers, wheat bread, peppermint candy or gum, a little baking soda in a glass of water ( works if nausea due to medicines), dill pickles or pickle juice. Anything wit vinegar will calm the acid in the stomach. Good well!


Eat about half a tablespoon of yellow mustard by itself to help with nausea.


I always use the same remedy for nausea. It's called INSTANT GINGER. It comes in an orange box and can be found in the Asian section of most stores. You mix a packet with hot water and it tastes great too. But it really works fast and is easy to get down when you have that gagging feeling. I swear by it.


Celestial Seasonings has a tea called Tension Tamer that has 90% of the ingredients listed below in one cute little package :-)


Sherbet Will Help Your Upset Body.


The best i have tried is still the acupressure technique. Put your thumb on the inside of your wrist, about 2 inches from where it meets your palm. Rub about 50 times in a small circular motion. I even gave this tip to a pregnant lady on an airplane ride. It works...helps heartburn too>


I just drank a glass of hot water (as hot as I could stand without burning my mouth) with a half a teaspoon of salt and ground ginger. Also a warm wet rag with ginger on it and laid it on my face, and a heating pad on my stomach. This worked immediately. The glass of water with salt and ginger worked the best though.


I have found that drinking mint tea is the most effective way to relieve nausea. Also Coke and ginger ale, as long as the fizz is stirred out. If I can't drink anything, I'll chew some peppermint gum. Sometimes plain bread works. Black licorice candies(like good and plenty) work well too.

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