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Nasal Congestion Home Remedies

50 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion


For nasal congestion......alternate thrusting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and pressing between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes the bone that runs through the nasal passages to the mouth, to rock back and forth. Do this for 20 sec


This remedy has worked wonders for me.
It's easy and tastes good to boot. Just eat a grab bag of flaming hot cheetos. Your nose will start to run because of how spicy they are and once it stops running then POOF! no more congestion.


Take homeopathic pulsatilla 6c at bed time and do not eat/drink anything after it. Pulsatilla is available at Whole Food Markets.


Sprinkle chili powder in the back of your throat. It will cause your nose to run thusly unstuffing it..

If you don't like that idea chicken soup with LOTS OF PEPPER -will also cure a stuffed up nose.

Elsewise most hot foots (as in spicey hot NOT coffee type hot) will unstuff your nose!


1/2 3% hydrogen peroxide & 1/2 colloidal silver mix and add to nasal mist bottle or medicine dopper

2 to 3 drops or sprays each nostril
swing head forward to get into the nasal cavity

stinging subsides in 30 seconds and then out comes the mucus.

La Vern De Wilde

Too high a diet in carbohydrates creates nasal conjestion and asthma. When winter comes and there is less sun we all have a tendency toward eating more carbohydrates and thus comes the common cold, which is nasal and chest conjestion with phlegm. To come into balance, eat less sugar and carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetable and fish are the median balance foods.
Higher energy and weight loss occur through the increase of meats and the reductions of sugars, fruits and refined carbohydrates.


Boil water and salt and put in a sterilized container. Wait until it is warm. Get an eye dropper and get some of the solution of boiled water and salt. Put a couple of drops in each nostril while your nose if facing the ceiling. Wait until you feel the salt water in your throat then blow your nose. I have done this for two weeks and have not had a sinus headache since. Irrigate your nose morning and night and you will begin to see the difference.


Why not try to boil some water and smell its vapor. The vapor will actually help open the nose. Why not also try putting water in your nose and then blowing it out? It will help open the nose and release more contaminants than just regular nose blowing.


Place a handful of crushed carom seeds in a handkerchief. Tie off and place near the pillow.


Place a teaspoon of cardamom seeds on hot coals and have the child inhale the smoke.

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