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50 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion


I found some relief from even severe nasal congestion, particularly while sleeping by doing the following: I took a handkerchief and tied it over my face -covering my noise and mouth - so that I looked just like an old-fashioned bank robber. I was able to get fresh oxygen from the bottom, but it made sure the air I was breathing was warm and moist. After a few minutes (and I was even laying completely flat), I noticed that one of my nostrils had opened, which was a huge relief since both were blocked. It made sleeping much easier, and I could slip it down if it got uncomfortable.


If you sniff a little bit of black pepper up your nose, you'll sneeze like crazy and it will relieve some of the congestion. I know it sounds silly but it works.


the best investment in my 24 years of life. 2 weeks ago i bought an air purifier from Canadian Tire for $70. as long as i can remember i have woken up several times a night so stuffed up and lucky if one night i week i could acctually blow my nose its like its always swelled shut..... since i bought this unit i have been amazed, i was in the middle of a cold, and 3 days after i bought it i was healthy witch might not sound that good but for the past 3 years i haven't been able to get over a cold on my own, it last 2 or 3 weeks before i finally drag my ass to the doctor and get some pills. seriously i can't describe how nice it is to breathe ive had nasal problems for 15 years, i still find myself blowing my nose through the day but this thing has changed my life BUY ONE!!!!


I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah and he was showing a Neti pot. It is a small vessel with a spout. You fill it up with very warm water, as warm as you can stand, and add a small amount of salt. You then lean over a sink horizontally, tilt your head and insert the spout into the nostril that is facing up. When you pour in the solution, the liquid will run out the other nostril. After pouring some in one nostril, blow your nose and repeat in the other nostril. When you do this, the solution will go up into your sinuses and flush out your nose. If you go on line and type in 'NETI POT' you will see several places that sell them. The pot comes with instructions. I use my Neti pot every evening and it has made a huge difference in my congestion. It may sound strange, but it works.


This has always helped with clearing nasal congestion. The secret is to do this in the shower and maintain your upper body in a horizontal position, parallel to the floor. In a standard coffee mug filled halfway with tap water heat in a microwave and adjust temperature with cold water till it is hot but not scalding. Add 1/2 teaspoon of table salt and stir to dissolve. Cup your palm and pour some of the salt solution into your hand. While bending over snort some of the solution into one nostril while plugging the other with a finger. Because you are bent over the solution will run out your mouth and not down your lungs. Some will make it up your sinuses. Stay in the bent over position and be prepared for the onslaught of the release of congestion. Repeat in other nostril. repeat no more than twice in each nostril till needed again. Happy breathing.


Nasal congestion in infants. Carom (ajwain) seeds are the most effective natural remedy for curing nasal congestion. Take a few carom seeds and tie it in a dry cloth and place in the infant crib/cradle.


I'm up at 1:00 AM in tears because of congestion. Anyone who has suffered from SEVERE nasal congestion hears my cry. It's currently 1:35 AM and i'm feeling some relief. WOO! here's what I did. I combined half the remedies I could come up with. First, I steamed- towel over my head- boiling water. annnd it got worse. The EXTREMELY small amount of air passage through my left nostril quickly sealed off completely to match the right. perfect. then, I make it happen. I add everything I had to the steaming mixture-recipe below. All while doing that I eat 'tomato tea'--try it out.

Screw Nasal Congestion Steamer Recipe:
dried oregano
Dried Basil
Garlic powder
Dead sea salt
white vinegar (b/c it's all i had)
baking soda

the boiling gets a little out of control so watch yourself. i was SERIOUSLY congested immediately during the steaming, BUT as i paced the kitchen in defeat my nose opened up.

Tomato Tea Deliciousness:
Can of petite diced tomato-all i had
garlic powder- wishing for garlic cloves..oh well's 1 AM
sea salt
juice from pepperoncini jar
--bring to boil and eat it up. it's seriously delicious and I hate that says something.

my left nostril is still pretty shut, but as least I have some sort of relief. maybe i can sleep? let me know how it works out.


I used about 1 and 1/4 cup distilled water(tap should be fine)
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
cap full of organic apple cider vinegar
(distilled white, or regular apple is fine)
I brought this to a slight boil, but removed it as soon as i saw the bubbles (you want the salt to dissolve, but you dont want to be snorting steaming water!)

I let it cool for a while, but since i am impatient(and very stuffy), i started adding small amounts of cold water to it just to get the temperature low enough to use.

I would suggest starting with the following, but you can go right to the goods if you're a traditional neti pot user:
cup one hand and scoop some water up, hold one nostril shut and snort the water up. it will feel a little uncomfortable at first but once you do it two or three times its is fine. repeat with other nostril. if it burns severely, add a little more water.

Now you are ready to fill up the baster. If the water sprays out, it is too hot. I was alternating by sucking up half cool water + my mixture. (which as transferred to a bowl)
tilt your head as far to the side as possible, and open your mouth. Begin to SLOWLY pour the liquid from the baster(or squeeze if necessary) into your nostril facing the ceiling. It should pour out the other nostril - DONT BREATHE WITH YOUR NOSE! if you notice more water is pouring out the side where you put the baster, then try to reposition it or squeeze it a little harder until it comes out the other side. Hope this helps!


For mild congestion, lay two fingers flat across the cheek just below the eye, then press and roll them toward the nose while blowing. (It's like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. Search web for image of 'Maxiliary Sinus' for better understanding).

Use a 'Neti Pot' for bigger jobs. See 'Nasal Irrigation' at Wikipedia.

Ron S.

For mild congestion, lay two fingers (middle and index) flat across one cheek (pointing up toward your eye). Close the nostril on the opposite side and then blow. While blowing, roll your fingers toward your nose like you're squeezing a tube of tooth paste. This will help move the deep congestion toward the nasal passage where it can be blown out.

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