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50 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion


I use boiled warm water with sea salt and breath this up into my nose. To enable you to breath the solution up into your nostrils you will need a funnel such as as the bottom of a pen for a funnel, one that screws into 2, make sure you clean this completely with boiled water. I then used the warmed boiled water with sea sale and close one nostril and stiff you the solution into the nostril and then do the other. This is not for the squeamish and I don't pretend it is pleasant but what happens is it clears your sinuses immediately and the sea salt heals the lining or swelling in the nostrils. Usually 2 twice a day for 2/3 days will do it and keep it any. Hopes this helps people. ps you can buy this solution at a pharmacy or chemist off the shelf, so it is a known cure

Carmen Gilson

my special broth which is chicken raman noodle seasoning mix, into a boiling water, then add in two teaspoon of salt, and pepper, and three teaspoon of garlic with chili powder this will clear it up within an hour you can drink it. Make sure you have toilet paper with you because it can start clearing it out once drank.


This cold, I've been pretty lucky. Humidifier at night and rinsing my nose in the morning with the little nelimed squeeze bottle. I'm not taking anything because I'm breastfeeding. My husband sleeps during the day, won't run the humidifier, won't rinse his nose and is whining about being stuffed up. Took some Nyquil so he can sleep. My daughter has the nice gushing snotty toddler nose and I'm a bit drippy this morning, but 3 days in and no headaches!


This is so easy and effective, please try it! Just eat several pieces of ginger-based candy chews by either Chimes or Gin-Gins brand. These spicy candies have a long-lasting nasal decongestant effect that is much more effective on me than cough drops, nasal spray, or even the Neilmed pot. I suffered from severe nasal congestion daily for two years until I discovered the amazing effect of these candies. They are hard to find in stores but can easily be ordered online from Amazon.

Zack C

NeilMed has a bottle that you squeeze a mixture of salt and warm water into each nostril. I use it BUT I also add one single drop of 100% Tea Tree Oil. I have had extremely blocked nasal passages for the last 5 years and I can breath and sleep comfortably. This is not an immediate relief, but it will clean your nasal passage AND kill any bacteria. I will try this with lime juice also and update.

Lauren :)

Put Vicks or any decongestant vaporizing rub (I just use Walgreens) on your chest, under your nose and/or on your feet (put socks on afterward). And take a nice, long hot shower! Hope this helps anyone!


Ricola cough drops and hot decaf mint herbal tea (with honey if you have a cough - personally i prefer the taste sans honey).

I like the ricola honey lemon drops the best - for whatever reason the herbs in the drops just open up my sinuses completely. any flavor should do - and in theory other brands of cough drops that have menthol flavoring also would probably work - but ricola IMO is definitely the best and you cant overdo it.

also - sinus rinse. ive found the neti pot (it looks like a blue version of the genie lamp from the movie alladin) to not work for me, instead i use a positive pressure version, i think its called sinus rinse? its a clear bottle with a black cap and it comes with special salt packets. you can find it at drugstores for $10-15. i rinse the nose piece with rubbing alcohol between colds/infections to keep it sanitary.

also - hydrogen peroxide 3% (most commonly found in drugstores and supermarkets) - i put about a capful in my ear, with head tilted almost horizontal, and let it sit for a few minutes until i head a whoooooosh. youll hear bubbling and popping, it might be a little uncomfortable but harmless and not painful. repeat with the other ear. dont overdo it though - H2O2 is bad for your skin, it kills good cells and in stronger forms acts as a bleach. i do this after the sinus rinse - the positive pressure tends to clog my ears, somehow this equalizes the pressure and relieves the sinuses overall.

vitamin C in very large doses (i take emergen-c drink mix twice a day - i like the raspberry flavor), and zinc 50mg twice a day.

and in general, spicy food. avoid dairy products - they increase mucus production.

and last but not least, 12 or 24hr sudafed behind the counter at the drugstore - the one that contains pseudophedrine HCI (not the over the counter kind - it does not work!). in the US you have to show ID to purchase it - people use it as an ingredient in making meth. don't take vitamin C when taking sudafed, it lessens the potency of the sudafed and makes it last a shorter amount of time. don't take sudafed if you have a heart condition, and don't take it without asking a pharmacist if you are taking other meds to make sure they dont interact negatively.


Relief from nasal congestion...drop a few drops of peppermint extract on a cloth handkerchief and periodically hold to your nose. Only do it periodically as it can produce burning in your nose or burning on irritated areas. Will give temporary relief. See a dr. For long term or serious symptoms.


I've just tried this for the first time because I'm desperate to find something that works. Dab about a half a tea-spoon of tiger balm on a tissue folded to a small size. Cover that with another tissue so there is no actual skin contact with the tiger balm. Hold the tissue in or under your nasal passage, which will only give a bit of relief. Follow up by holding the tissue firmly against the different sinus points. soon you should be able to actually blow your nose and your eyes will water. It takes away so much of the congestion pain. Not sure how long it works for yet, but it's definitely giving me some relief.


A good remedy seems to be lime juice. Apply a little juice from a lime into each nostril; lie down for a few minutes. Apply once or twice daily. The congestion and the cold pass within 1-2 days, especially if you also drink lime juce.

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