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107 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers


for mouth ulcers switch toothpaste.
i had ulcers for years switched toothpaste several years ago and have not had one since.


My dentist told me my mouth ulcers were called 'aphthous ulcers' and that there is no known cause or cure. They are not Herpes. They are aggravated by stress and usually occur when there is some injury (like biting your tongue or cheek while eating).

I've tried topical steroid treatments prescribed by my dentist and they sometimes help a little. I've also tried a lot of the other things suggested here.

But the thing that helps the very most for me is SLEEP. If they are just starting, one really good night's sleep where I totally relax will make them go away. If they are in full force, then the same thing will make them start the healing process (where they don't hurt any more), but full healing takes 2-3 days. A real good night's sleep reduces stress and adrenaline production and I think just helps the body fight off whatever it is and heal up. The side affects are very pleasant as well. :-)


I used to get mouth ulcers frequently which lasted on average 10-14 days. Someone suggested I brush my tongue when cleaning my teeth. Since doing so (and this is the only change I've made to my lifestyle) I've hardly had any at all, for over 2 years now. Simple and painless idea which worked for me.


Salt and Haldi powder(Turmeric)mix

Mix one t-spoon of salt and half t-spoon of Haldi powder in warm water (half cup) and then gargle(4-5)times twice a day, ensure u run the mixture inside the mouth in all affected areas (try to make ur face like a monkey).....the next day it's almost gone....also take Bcomplex tablets(Becosule capsules) twice a day


Use fresh aloe vera (if possible) 'fillet' the gel from the skin, put the gel in a blender add distilled water. Keep in a small bottle and take a mouthful regularly, swish it round your mouth, holding and swishing for a few minutes then just swallow it, if you also have a sore throat gargle before swallowing. Aloe can also be used on other ulcers.


There are several things that when used together work pretty well.
Liquid benadryl swish and spit
Salt water rinse(Heavy on the salt)
PLAIN yogurt
and a topical oral numbing solution so you can eat if the ulcer is on your tounge
and hydroproxcide.
Its not a cure but it will shorten the duration and ease up the pain a little.

Avoid toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS)
Also keeping a healthy balanced diet
controling your stress
taking a daily allergy medicine since these are all suspected causes of weakened protection in your mouth.


Mouth ulcers are caused by motility disorders or an alteration of the intestinal flora. Mouth ulcers can be very painful and one may not be able to have a proper diet. There are many home remedies which are simple, effective and also easily available. For example Baking soda and lemon juice is very effective in ulcers of the oral cavity relieving pain as well as the severity of the sores.Gargle also a solution of 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar with half a cup of water three times a day.


For mouth blisters scratch the blister with a toothbrush to remove 'scab' (which is where the bacteria is) or until bleeding. Then put a clump of baking soda on it and immediately pour vinegar on top. Spit out the mixture and let it set for minute, then gently rinse. You should notice that there is a new scab over the blister. This will sting very badly, but will heal up blister by the next day. No pain no gain, right? I call it, cauterizing.

Another remedy which i found very useful is to do the same thing at first, scratch off the scab. Then chew up a raw clove of garlic and push it onto the blister. This one burns as well. But it is better to burn for a few minutes then to suffer with a blister for weeks.

Vrinda Unhale,India

For bad mouth ulcers take raw coconut.break it into pieces and chew it with little sugar.Do it 4-5 times a day.It really works.


when you have an ulcer use mouth wash three or times each day until it goes away. mine was gone in two days.

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