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I take 1 l-lysine tablet (it aids in the repair and maintenance of skin cells and mucus membranes) every day, that helps to keep them away- I up that to 3-5 everyday during an outbreak, especially after meals. Also, 1 tbs of baking soda dissolved in 8 oz. of water makes a great mouthwash- it takes the acidity away and balances out the PH in your mouth to help promote healing.


For a really painfull method. Use a silver nitrate stick( some doctors have them or some pet stores) burns like hell, because it cartrizes the infected area. Like I said burns like hell but works. You can also get them off the Internet for about 5.00 for 100. Hope this helps


Just put some salt directly on the ulcer and it might sting a little but it does not last to long.And make sure you keep your mouth part way open for about a minute, and do not lick the salt off.If you do this a few times a day it will be sure to heal the ulcer in about 3 days.


I mix mouthwash, salt, warm water, and a little bit of liquid orajel. it really works and relieves the pain.

Gordy D.

believe it or not try putting on Icing Sugar - it really works and does NOT hurt - dry the ulcer first then put on a fingertip of icing sugar and repeat as often as you like .
Let me know how it goes -- 'works for me'

Phil D.

Spray with chloraseptic, found in all drug stores like rite aid walgreens. this numbs them immediately... it tastes bad the first few times, but after that, i spray it like candy. It says on the back 'canker sore relief' it also recommends to use it every two hours, but right now im using it every hour.


if you have a mouth olser you should try warm salt water it works for me verry well and might help you it is painless sometimes, but sometimes it maybe painful :( but it helps trust me..


I had or have a mouth ulser, (the little white spots inside the lip)for several months. I went to the local heath food store a counselor there suggested using liquid myrrh extract. She said to put about 15 drops in a 1/4 cup of water and garggle or swish it around and the sore will be gone in 24 hrs. I tried it and it was not strong enough. I started getting results when I put a couple drops of it full strength on my affected lip. I slept with it like that and noticed it considerably better the day or two. Sleep helps a lot also.

Phil O'Stein

I don't know if this is a medicaly sound advice but it does realy help when you have a mouth ulcer, or even a sore tooth. Just put half a paracetamol on the affected area and let it disolve. It stings slightly at first and tastes a bit odd but it does do the trick.


put a few drops of genetian violet solution in water and fill your mouth with it . close your mouth and spit the water after few minutes.
chewing of tulsi leaves (holy basil) gives good relief

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