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Simple and works, regulary brushing teeth with Sls free toothpaste, followed by a
mouthwash, diflam antibacterial spay and diflem lozengers with anaesthetic and a couple of panadol with the occasion salt water mouth rinse. A good couple nights sleeps and there gone


blot canker sores dry with a q tip, then apply campho-phenique. let it sit for a minutes before closing mouth/moving lips/etc. label says not to use inside mouth but I have done this for as long as I can remember & so has most of my family & it works


Rinse with butter milk, tastes like molded ass but it works


Suffered for years and I tried lysine, and silver nitrate, salt, and a host of other remedies, but I would still get ulcers...several at a time that would last for weeks and this remedy reduces them dramatically if not eliminates them.

I have used an SLS-free toothpaste for years and have only had 2 mouth ulcers in 8 years. And those 2 came after brushing with a regular toothpaste.

The solution is: Get a toothpaste that is SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) and free of abrasive ingredients like silica and baking soda. The SLS is the foaming ingredient that makes you feel like you are getting a great clean with all the bubbles, but actually it depletes the natural protective mucosal lining of the mouth...Making the lining more likely to succumb to mouth-acids, wear and tear from chewing and the other abrasive items in standard toothpastes. Order the special toothpastes online or just read the ingredients at your local health food store or just brush without. It is actually the flossing and brushing that do the cleaning, not the toothpaste. Some people are sensitive to the flouride as well.


The magic mouthwash that your doc can write a script for is great for the pain. I try to get a new script for it every time I get more then a few ulcers. If you don't have insurance try a mix of maylox and liquid allergy medication. This doesn't seem to make them go away. The only thing that really seems to cure them is rest and getting rid of the stress that is causing them. STRESS is the main cause of these painful sores.


I suffered with mouth ulcers for many years and tried many home remedies. The only thing that works is to take a folic acid every day, and when you feel an ulcer coming on, take folic acid several times a day. This really works.

kamlesh sharma

i have tried alprazolam along with lacto bacilis and i got a relieef as i think due to lack of sleep there occurs excess secreation of gastric juice which causes mouth ulcer.


I had horrible mouth ulcers and I finally went to the doctor about them. They would just grow and get ugly and hurt like crazy. The doctor immediately told me to stick to anything like Tums or something with calcium because a mouth ulcer is caused by the acidic levels in your body that are extremely high. To balance that acidic level--try Tums, Rolaides, or anything with calcium and/or magnesium and it should go away slowly but effectively. The other note on this is that I take the Tums or Rolaides and move it to the ulcer in my mouth and let it disolve slowly and that helps.


Alum and honey works get on mouth sores. You simply take a small amount of powered alum and mix with a little honey. Use a clean cloth and apply to the inside of the mouth. It taste awful but works great.


Three years ago I had a case of chronic mouth ulcers, to the point where I could not eat. After arriving in a remote area in Indonesia I got my hands on a small amount of some pure wild harvested honey and in three days my mouth ulcers were no more.

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