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leanne b

ok so honestly this works because I've scanned all over the Internet to find find some pain relief for canker sores or mouth ulcers ,

this only works for 30mins to an hour so your going to have to bring the bottle with you , and plus Im broke so trust me this is such an easy remedy

just buy for like $5 at cvs , Walgreens or any store like that and. buy sore throat spray , mine is cheery but any flavor will do, mines legit called sore throat spray phenol/ oral anesthetic cherry flavor , and spray it right on the sore , like 3 sprays or so swish around and spit out ,

it's cheap easy and although I have no clue if it heals them but it nums them completely it's like there not there , plus it nums sore throats


dentist here - the best thing i've found ( i get them too...) is a dropper viscous lidocaine , cherry flavoring, and a steroid (not sure that the steroid helps but the lidocaine makes it go very numb... you can try all other 'painful' methods you want after its numb...



NO... dental wax is not going to heal your mouth ulcer, but it will give you substantial relief while your ulcer heals!

I have cancer and my first course of chemotherapy caused severe oral mucusitis - meaning my entire entire mucus membrane was destroyed causing severe inflamation and ulceration. I was unable to eat, drink or speak for days. It eventually cleared and my mouth returned to normal. Well, nearly normal. I had one small ulcer on the side of my tongue that hadn't fully healed before the second course of chemo began. I have been out of the hospital for a week now and it just wasn't healing. I've tried nearly every remedy I could and know some of them are working. The problem is what do you do while you wait for the ulcer to heal? The remedies work but your ulcer is constantly being irritated by your teeth! And that is where the dental wax comes into play - cover your teeth with dental wax so your ulcer isn't constantly being irritated. I was in such severe pain that I was barely eating and not speaking. My mother suggested the dental wax and it has made all the difference in the world.

I also applied Kanka Professional Strength Mouth Pain Liquid to my ulcer, which does two things - numbs the pain AND creates a protective coating over the ulcer. Just make sure your ulcer is as dry as possible when you apply the Kanka, this helps it adhere much better.

Use these two products (dental wax and Kanka) to give your ulcer relief from irritation between remedy treatments.

OK, one more thing: The best remedy I have found is actually a 5-step program involving garlic, peroxide, turmeric paste, salt water and peppermint oil. I found it on the Livestrong website (the Lance Armstrong Foundation). If you google 'livestrong how to get rid of mouth ulcers' you should easily be able to find this regimen. I am currently using it to treat my ulcer and it is working! just don't forget to use the dental wax and Kanka liquid to shield you ulcer from constant irritation while you allow the remedies to work!

I hope this helps everyone who is suffering as much as I was. I'm nearly pain free now!


Simarouba Leaves!

Boil the Shade dried leaves in water for ten minutes and let it cool.

Once cool, Roll it all inside your mouth and drink.

Works like a charm.

(Simarouba Glauca is a very common tree, Pls Google)


I am taking 800mg of Ibuprofen, some vikoden and a antibiotic for a abcessed tooth. I am going to the Dentist to have the tooth pulled but have to wait till the infection is gone. Every time I have had to take a high dose of Ibuprofen I get mouth ulcers and they hurt like crazy. So I just tried using Sore Throat Spray. Man it took away all the pain.I just sprayed like 5 times in my mouth and swished it around and let it sit for about 30 seconds and spit it out and man it really helps. Hope this helps everyone else. No going to the store to buy something expensive just go to your medicine cabinet and there it is.


my 11 year old daughter has suffered from mouth ulcers all her life, until i discovered B-actif comfrey extract. 1 drop on the affected area and the next day the ulcer has gone. It has changed our lives. Make sure to ask for the extract, NOT the tonic, which is a plant feed.


a swirl of Absinthe seems to do the trick. kills any pain :D



My husband suffered from repeated mouth ulcers (not cancer patient)for many years(20 yrs). He would have many ulcers and then they would heal.He also has constipation problem on and off. we didnt link it together until i read a article about lip beauty.can you believe it? no doctor was able to find out but if he tries and combats constipation, he wont have. And wen he suffers from constipation he will have it again. Also, i have seen my grand parents and people their age wash their mouth (gargle and spit water) after using restroom. They say it removes some bad stuff (I am from India) . Guess what, if he tries doing it the ulcers heal fast. I think, there could be many factors for mouth ulcers. But hope this helps someone.


Another treatment is to pour 300ml of steaming water over one and half teaspoon of dried sage. Then cover it and put it on simmer for 20 minutes. Add half a tea spoon of sea salt and mix it well. After brushing your teeth, use 50ml of this blend to clean your mouth. This may lend you a hand in getting rid of the bacteria that nourishes on plaque from

mouth ulcers zap away

use a pod of elachi (cardamen pods) twice each day or use a pea size amount of bonjela the elachi will not only get rid of mouth ulcers but it will get rid of bad breath too!

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