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Alum, you find it in the spice isle. Tastes terible but does the job. Been using it for years. Wet your finger and dip it in the spice (not alot) then put it directly on the sore. Sometimes this works overnight but takes longer for big sores.


All you have to do is put a little salt on it. this
dries out the bacteria.


Oil of oregano. One or two drops 3 times a day for two days. Guaranteed cure.


For mouth ulcers there is a safe and more sustainable remedy. Take a mouthful of buttermilk add some salt in it and gargle it. Repeat it several times a day.


I've had Mouth Ulcers many times before. All i do to get rid of them is, take a cotton swab and soak it in any type of raw liquor, press it directly on the ulcer for about 2 minutes and within two days its gone! It does burn. but I'd rather suffer for 2 minutes than a week.


Two drops of tea tree oil, right on the sore. Relieves the pain immediately and tge antiseptic qualities promote healing. At the very least, it will stop it from getting worse.


This is not aninstant Reemedy but moutth Ulcers are highly/frequently asociated with low iron levels/iron deficency or low Vitamin b12. So get you're levels checked andtake taking a supplement.


For the best instant relief of the most painful ulcer under my tongue i have ever had i dipped a water soluble aspirin in a cup filled with only a mouthful of water and pressed the dissolving tablet onto the affected area until about half a tablet is left. Put that half in your cup of water and wait for it to dissolve. It stings a fair bit as the bubbles work their magic so i then gently swish the liquid mix around and hold for a minute or so. The pain is gone so quickly and no more irritation when my teeth brush up against the ulcer.
I use aspro clear and since discovering it i havent bought nurofen or panadol since.
Gargling it works for sore or infected throats.
It will quickly relieve even the worst period pains.
I turn to it when i crack my neck too much through the day and end up with a tension headache.

Elmer Jones

I am a male 65 years of age. Ever since I was 16 I have experienced mouth ulcers that would occur on my lips, tongue, throat, and on the sides of my mouth. Maybe as frequent as 7 times a year and lasting typically 2-3 weeks. Although, I had one bout that lasted six months! It seems that the condition worsened the older I got. Over decades of time I had tried everything under the sun including: vitamins supplements, herbs, not taking analgesics, avoiding certain foods (citric acid, e.g.), etc. in order to alleviate their severity. Some were deep and extremely painful. I noticed that many times they would occur at the same spots in my mouth. When I would have them I would feel sickly and as though my immunity would be very low. I usually would get sores after having the flu or a bad cold. A dermatologist once told me that they really didn't know what caused them but that somehow they were linked to the bodies immune system attacking it own tissue. Okay now the good news.
Several years ago I starting taking 160 mg. resveratrol extract tablets once a day. From that day forward I have been ulcer free! On several occasions I had stopped taking the tablets and the ulcers would once again start to form. But, by doubling up on the dosage to 2 tablets, symptoms would disappear in a day or two. I am still trying to adjust the dosage trying to get it down to 160 mg. once every two days. It was that simple - 'knock on wood.' I have to say that the frequencies of colds are very few and much less severe as compared previously. I think somehow it has greatly improved my immunity toward viruses. Resveratrol has been a blessing to me. I hope others with similar symptoms can experience the same success!


another really good ulcer fix came from my doc, she said make magic mouthwash.. 30z of each mylanta,liquid benadryl, and viscous xylocaine mix together and shake very well and you can brush it on or rinse mouth i apply it with a q tip and i put quite a bit on it :) that way my whole mouth and numb :)and dont swallow it :p annnnnd wala no pain or irritation! you can use it every 3 hours as needed (dont more often then that because viscous xylocaine speeds up your heart a lil) and it holds up 4-5 hrs (depending on your pain) i was shocked. i had some filling done on my top teeth and ended up with one big one on my left side and a small on my right where the cotton had been and this worked amazing!

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