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107 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers


Just rub some neat Vegemite on the affected area,if it hurts while you are doing this that,s a good thing. The more the hurt the better the result.

Rob C

I just use warm water with some sea salt work right away no more pain


First find a cotton swab and dip it in baking soda and treat the affected area and it will cure either immediately or in a couple days

Ali G.

I've found out that onions work really well with me. Just eat half an onion (white or red round ones - raw of course), and you feel the relief. The only drawback is the bad smell! To avoid the smell, you might chew a couple of cloves afterwards...


Do not use toothpaste while you have the sore.

Mix baking powder and salt 50/50. Dab a wet Q-Tip in it. Rub the Q-Tip on the sore until the white stuff is gone. It will probably bleed. Apply a piece of aloe vera directly on the sore for 20 minutes or so.

Dr. Lakshmi

Take a jhonson bud and dip it in pure desi ghee. Now dip the bud in a heap of salt. Now apply it on the sore. It will burn fir few seconds but will get treated in two days maximum.


This tastes strange but take 3 small containers and put olive oil in one, lime and/or lemon, and salt in the last. Put the lime and/or lemon juice on the sore. Then salt. Last. Last, apply the olive oil then squeeze the sore. This provides temporary relief as long as you do not bite the sore.


Aspirin. .. my doctor recommended it for mouth and throat pain. Dissolve 2 in water and swish round ur mouth for as long as possible. Make sure its not the fizzy stuff though as that can sting. Also bonjela and salt gargles.
Organic kawakawa with olive oil balm is MAGICAL! Although my mum makes it, extracted from native New Zealand kawakawa plant.

Susan MacA

I've had mouth ulcers periodically throughout my life. Sweets, acid fruits and stress were the primary cause. The best cure I have found is fresh organic CELERY! Chew the stalk, but don't swallow it, move the pulp to the inflamed area for ten minutes or more for immediate relief. If I'm away from home, I can usually find celery in a cafeteria or restaurant. At night, I chew a small part of an aspirin and leave it it on the sore overnight. That sometimes clears it immediately. Baking soda, black tea, no coffee, Ambersol, also helpful.

Shivani Sharma

I am 18 years old. I had 2 really big ulcers in my mouth, which were hurting a lot. I couldn't brush and eat properly. The pain then became unbearable. Then I saw this website and at 1 am in the morning, the only remedy I could follow were the home remedies. Couldn't go for the medication part :-
Warm water and salt gargles.
The milk of magnesia - I had Digene.(I read it on some other site)
I elaichi tea bag, soaked and applied on the ulcer ( saw it on some other site)
And last I put the Smyle Ulcer cream.

Worked wonders for me that very instant. Its toooooo effective. Must try ! I am so relieved and feel no pain at all ! The ulcer has shown a drastic change. No exaggeration :P
Please try :D

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