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107 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers


Drink a glass of cold organic full cream milk, and continue with drinking milk until they disappear. Very quick and easy.

Dave from Nottingham

For many years i have had terrible painful mouth ulcers six months ago i started taking six yeast tablets a day
Since then i have not had one ulcer u can buy the tablets from any chemist


I use Tea Tree oil on a cotton bud, or Q tip. Make the tip damp with the oil, then hold the tip against the ulcer for 1 - 2 mins. Then rinse the mouth well with warm water. Repeat morning and evening till it goes. I had an ulcer right on the tip of my tongue where it rubs on my front teeth. Felt better immediately after the first application.


apply butter on the affected mouth ulcer area it is good remedy try it


Mint leaves. Scrunch up well mint leaves into a ball of cud. Leave it on the affected area in your mouth. If it stings, its working. After 2 treatments, you may forget you had an ulcer in the first place.


I have suffered for 35 years with painful mouth ulcers and still continue to search for a remedy. Recently a friend of mine who is a nutritionist advised me to drink nettle tea - it soothes the pain which gives some short term relief. Try it.


to get instant relief from mouth ulcer sharp pain ,just keep one tissue on your mouth and breath from mouth , u feel relief from sharp pain till u are not using any medication


First of all , go into your medicine Cupboard and throw away all your ulcer remedies in the bin because they are useless and a waste of money,I've suffered from Horrendous mouth ulcers since I was a kid and trust me this is the only instant healing cure.go online,google mouth ulcer shop and order ORALMEDIC it costs about 5 or 6 quid if it was 50 quid I would still buy it ! and you only need to use it once.


Try Iglu mouth ulcer or some pastilles of Iglu and after some minutes, add some water to the ulcer inside and it will cure. Hope this works!


my daughter used to get the most horrendous mouth ulcers but since choosing toothpaste without sodium sulphate laurate she,s cured.

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