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Dear Friends,

This is the best remedy to cure ulcers forever. Drink Banyan tree milk early in the morning before the sun shine. Have continuously for 3 days.

U should have nearly half a glass. Life long u will not get mouth ulcer.


I have had mouth ulcers all my life, I took vitamin b and all sorts of treatments to no avail, then I read somewhere that raw tomatoes can cause it, I cut them out and haven't had them for months! I had a salad on holiday with hidden tomatoes and next day had two on my tongue ? Defiantly that! Try cutting them out to see if it is that x


I've had mouth ulcers for at least 7 years in a row with the longest period of no ulcers being around a week. I tried all the remedies I could find - baking soda, SLS free toothpaste, licorice tea, vitamins etc. Then I started reading about illnesses that mouth ulcers could be a symptom of and celiac disease matched all the things I was experiencing. I went gluten free and haven't had any ulcers for about 5 months. I suggest getting tested or giving a strict gluten free diet a try. :)

vaibhavi bhat

apply some lemon.its a bit stingy at first but then it will be fine. or you an also take some vitamin b-complex tablets. they are really helpful.


As a patient of this dreadful thing, I can completely understand the situation of all other sufferers. Have been having this on a regular basis and on most instances, they appeared in groups of 3-4, making it difficult to eat, talk and go about your normal life.
Recently began using certain antibiotics targeting vitamin deficiencies and touchwood, first time in my life I can say I have been free off these ulcers for a period now. I could assist anyone if trying these vitamins - Could mail across the same at no additional charges but cost and postage. Recommend to try the same for a month - there's absolutely no harm in trying something new when you've been trying a whole load of things. You could drop me a mail at fightulcers @ yahoo . in


If you have ongoing problems with ulcers, switch to a toothpaste w/out the ingredient 'sodium laurel sulphate' One or two Toms of Maine brand will work or Squigge is a good one. This 'foaming' ingredient messes up the natural barrier in your mouth causing you to be more vulnerable to ulcers.

Rawlins Boodan

All I use is some allum crystals dissolve in warm water and gargle for about 3 times a day and In one day it will go , sodont waste money on expensive mouth wash and cream I did that for a while just use the allum crystals.


I have suffered painful mouth ulcers for years. The best remedy I have found is Alum. It is found in the spice section of the grocery store. Take a wet Q tip and dip into the container of alum. Apply enough to cover the ulcer. Hold the alum in mouth for two minutes, without swallowing, and then spit out. I do this once a day for two day. The ulcer will not develop and will not be nearly as painful.


get some butter + salt then apply to Ulcer get some more salt and close mouth. DO NOT SALLOW. leave about 2 mins it will become painful but when spat out will have reduced pain and will settle down over half an hour all pain be gone.


If you take asthma inhalers every day wash your mouth out with just plain tap water afterwords

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