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24 Home Remedies for Mouth Sores

A natural medicine practitioner

In natural medicine, mouth sores are associated with the fire element and deficiency of nutrients. Fire symptoms are mentally feeling impatience, sense of rushing forward, burning anger, explosive violence just as fire. Physiological symptoms are feeling hot, wanting to be cooled or eating icy food, constipation, strong urine color/odor, excessive thirst. The body wants to be in the cool water and puts off the fire in other words. If any part of these occur, then you need to learn to cool off and chill mentally and food wise.

Apart from using salt as other remedies have recommended, use hard candy cough drops or sore throat drops, put in mouth near the infected area, hold in mouth as long as possible. These hard candy drops normally contains menthol which helps to relieve the pain. Eucalyptus oil in the candy will help to cool the area and remove bacteria. Sugar in the drop helps to speed up healing.
Nutrient wise, take multivitamin B complex and multivitamin supplement containing Zinc and folic acid and Vitamin C. Yogurt, buttermilk, or any probiotics will help to balance the healthy bacteria in mouth and gut. If any fire symptoms applies, relax and soak the mind and body in cool calm water (literally you can visualize or meditate in this state), take lots of fresh water, cooling food such as cucumber, watermelon, mustard green. Avoid spicy strong taste food, fried or barbecued food.


zero cost technology but works great. take few leaves of jasmine chew them a little and place over the sore. try it 2-3 times a day and sore says bye-bye.


take cotton ball toilet paper ect.. mix tablespoon of hot salt water n soak up cotton bALL then make another cotton balln moisten it with cold regular water place salty warm cotton swab on soar and alternate back n forth with cold one as needed to soothe. HONEY BURNS this is most effective for me


Dissolve a tsp. of salt into a cup of hot water, and swish over sore. This really works!! Do it after meals and before bed.


Put a bit of salt on the mouth sore. It will sting a lot for the first minute or 2. However, when the sting's gone you'll realize that the affected area is a bit numb already and you won't feel the sore anymore. But the effect only lasts temporarily for a couple of hours. When the sore starts to hurt again, you'll have to apply salt again.


Attack it on all fronts! Coat your mouth with Honey as much as possible. Use lemon juice with it too. Then swish around salt and water. After the rinse and spit swish around some buttermilk in your mouth..

Mojo Jojo

Put Salt on a lEMON SLICE and hold it on the sore for about 10 minutes. Will be gone immidiatly or the next morning. ;)


Closys mouthwash & toothpaste works. My daughter had sores monthly or more ofter for 10 years. Been using Closys for 5 weeks and has been sore free all during that time. It's the only treatment that has ever worked.


My husband gets mouth sores from chemo. He swiches his mouth with buttermilk first, then drinks several small glasses a day for 3 days. Something in the buttermilk heals the mouth sores. Nothing else seemed to work but buttermilk does!!!
(This tip was given to him from a Nutricianist at the Cancer Treatment Center of America)
Hope this helps....

leanne b

ok so honestly this works because I've scanned all over the Internet to find find some pain relief for canker sores or mouth ulcers ,

this only works for 30mins to an hour so your going to have to bring the bottle with you , and plus Im broke so trust me this is such an easy remedy

just buy for like $5 at cvs , Walgreens or any store like that and. buy sore throat spray , mine is cheery but any flavor will do, mines legit called sore throat spray phenol/ oral anesthetic cherry flavor , and spray it right on the sore , like 3 sprays or so swish around and spit out ,

it's cheap easy and although I have no clue if it heals them but it nums them completely it's like there not there , plus it nums sore throats

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