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I have migraine since almost 9 years and m 20 right now. I suffer from photo sensitivity, odour sensitivity as well as phonophobia... What I do is the massage of my neck, shoulders and feet (specially the lower flat area of ur feet) and then I try to sleep .... It does work for me almost 90%
P.s u can use any oil but I use warm Mustard oil ...


This remedy works and is the best I've ever tried.
Cup both of your hands under hot running water, as hot as you can stand it.
Turn off the lights, MEDITATE by clearing your mind, and let the hot water run over your cupped hands for 20 minutes. Don't cheat! The pain relief starts around 15 minutes in and by the time you're done, it's gone!
I had a migraine for the last two hours and I just finished the technique. Now my migraine is gone!
Remember: The hottest water you can stand running over your palmed hands under the faucet, and MEDITATE by having zero thoughts. A dark room is best.


After 36 hours of migraine mayhem... I am well enough now to visit this site. I have suffered with migraines for approx. the last 5 years. I have chronic lower back and neck pain, but my migraines are triggered by varies things.

My close friend is a doctor and has treated me for migraines with an injectible 'cocktail' at his clinic, but I have moved from his clinic and now must get my home pain remedies via the telephone. I asked him what I could take at home that would relieve the migraine and keep me from jumping off the nearest bridge. I had some nausea this time, but fortunately no vomitting, so this remedy was an option....

2 Tylenol and 3 Liquid Gel Advils...

And for me.... LIGHTS OUT! I am light sensitive during my migraines so turning out all the lights is a necessity. That means no TV, no candles, nothing that emits ANY light. Complete darkness is key.

(This remedy was prescribed by MY doctor, he knows me, my body, and my medical history. Please consult your physician before taking any medicine in larger doses than is recommended by the manufacturer.)

And here I am feeling much better and wondering why I always wait so long to get help for my migraines. I'd also like to thank all of those who have posted tips to prevent migraines and home remedies that may ease and relieve my migraine pain. I will certainly be giving those a try. Thank you!


I'm 18 and I've been suffering from migraines since I was a little kid. I've been on prescription medicines as well as trying the over the counter stuff and nothIng ever seems to help. So, I tried something new just now. I took 2 night time pain reliever pills and started crunching on a lifesaver pep-o-mint and it is starting to relieve my pain! So try it and see if it works for you. Good luck guys!!!


DUTTA-31yr- BANGALORE- 3yr old migraine

If all is well in our body vessels should be fine.. I was fighting migraine for last 3 yr every week without knowing that it is migraine... Recently I googled headache+one side + reliev+ vomiting.
I concluded that I have migraine and i luckily joined yoga+ meditation workshop same time which I practice everyday. One day when I had nausea and I was due with my daily 'Sudarahan Keiya' .... I decided to go ahead with Kriya... To my surprise it was gone 40-60% within 30 mins of kriya and 90% in next 1-2 hours.
I decided to devote myself more and do it regularly... Which has helped me by not having severe migraines and if it comes it is in controllable state JUST BELIEVE when NAUSEA starts that 'SUDARASHAN KRIYA' will work.


I don't really have a remedy for preventing migraines, but I do have a couple suggestions for dealing with the pain. I actually feel one coming on right now, so I am on this page, and eating a can of pineapple - so I will let you know if that works. I am currently on amtriptyline (which I was told is an anti-depressant) but it has been working wonderfully up until this point. 50mg a day and it has warded off my migraines for almost 2 months. I was avoiding any meds because I didn't like the idea, but then my migraines were averaging two a week - and there was just no choice - I am sure my job was starting to think I was a huge slacker. Any how, my husband has been doing a lot of research because he hates me being on meds as well. THE BIGGEST life saver I have found once you already get a migraine is meditation. This may sound crazy, to think you could be calm with a migraine, but if you can get your body calm you can then fall asleep and meditation puts you in the kind of sleep where you don't wake up until its over. I started with counting - take a breath in then out - and count each one up to twelve - every time you think about the pain or something else - you have to start over - usually if I can make it to 8 without thinking about anything else I am already asleep. I have gone a little further to body relaxation - where I start at my toes and think about every body part being completely relaxed - and once again by the time I get to my waist I am asleep. It takes a lot of mind control and the first couple times I thought I was going to die before falling asleep, but if you can learn to do it, it truly does helps! And like the others who have stated this before - I do find an orgasm to help too! But that is truly only temporary - If i can have one then I fall asleep, usually I wake up and it is still there, BUT any time you don't have to feel a migraine is worth it!

Sunil Atrawalkar

Friends I am suffering from migrane for @ 10 years. High protein food like nuts, spicy food, corbonated drinks, hot summer triggers it and whole day is painful. Recently I found two cures for this pain. One is frequently taking green tea with lime in it (after meal works very well) and second one is water therapy. In the morning on empty stomoch drink two glasses of warm water with salt in it, sit and vomit by putting fingers in throat, another is passing warm water with salt in it through nose and allowing it to flow through the another nose and changing it. The second therapy is a naturopathy taught by our naturopathy (Jindal Nature Cure).

Off course the last resort is Migranil which works in 30 mins to 1 hour


WOW, HAVE to share this. After being unable to get out of bed for SIX hours today w/unbelievable migraine & associated nausea I found a miracle cure. My tried-and-true 1 dose of Exedrin Migraine didn't work at all this time (took a second, still didn't work and taking more in 24 hours can damage your liver - though dying from that at one point today seemed like a favorable option)...I remembered I had some Vitamin B3 (Niacin) at home and I know it dilates blood I decided to take one 30mg capsule and in under THIRTY MINUTES my nausea & migraine DISAPPEARED!!! Yipeee!!! I was able to totally function after I took that. PLEASE get some Niacin!!Reading this forum also helped...interesting I was having MEGA cravings for pinneapple (ate half a can) and someone on here says that can really help with prevention....but the DRAMATIC improvement came with the Vitamin B3....don't try more than 30mg at a time...too much can dilate vessels so much can give you a REALLY uncomfortably flush that lasts hours. I weigh 107 and took 30mg. Hope this helps LOTS of peeps. Presciption drugs are for sheep and lemmings.

PS in Chicago

I've been getting migraines for 8 years. I had a CT Scan, numerous MD consults which did not result in anything except prescriptions. I started keeping a migraine journal noting everything that happened dieting each episode: date, aura, symptoms, pain level, what foods I had consumed within the 24 hour period leading up, etc. Eventually, I discovered (on my own), that I am allergic to artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, etc.). They are in anything diet or sugar free. I had not had a migraine for a year until today. I realized, I took a mint from someone without inspecting the ingredients. Sure enough, it contained sucralose. Now I'm suffering the consequences. Just a thought...good luck everyone!

Kelly McDonald

I have suffered from migraines for close to my entire life. They started around 5 years old and I'm now 29. Over the years, they have changed drastically. I now find that 90% of the time, I wake up with it. Zomig is the only thing I've found that reliably works most of the time. It's a nasal spray, so it doesn't matter if I get sick, the medicine is still in my system. I've never had to wait more than 45mins for enough relief that I can actually get out of bed and carry on a conversation.
(my migraines affect my speech and thought process to the point it sometimes seems like I've had a stroke). I swear by it.
Other than prescriptions, I avoid artificial sugars like the plague. They are my #1 trigger. I also MUST sleep with a fan on and in a cold room or I wake up in migraine city. Heat is the enemy. I usually can't drink water during it, even though I know it helps. I will vomit almost instantly every time. Coffee I actually can get down, and that helps too. Elevating my pillow so I'm not flat, and putting pressure directly on the worst spot of pain on my head is a temporary fix to calm it when it's that bad.
Morally questionable as it may be, smoking marijuana is one of the most amazing reliefs I have found. At very least it quells my nausea and helps me relax and maybe fall asleep. A cold compress on my forehead and back of the neck can help too.

A migraine is something I would wish on nobody. They are horrible, and incredibly misunderstood (it is NOT 'just a headache'). There is nothing better than that giddy feeling you get when it's finally over and you feel like yourself again. This forum is great. So many people suffer from this, and it's great to get other ideas from people who understand, and to know we're not alone.

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