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Hello All,
I am suffering from Migraine for last 22 Years. It started when i was 15 and now i am 37. My DAD is a Doctor so i never had issues with Medicines. I have Migraine Twice a week which lasts for at least a Day. I live in London. A Couple of months ago i was walking around High Street in my Are and Saw a Chinese Acupuncture board. I went in there paid £40 and had my Back and neck pierced with 40 Needles. I thought it was waste of Money she asked me to come again in a month. After a week of my Therapy i didnt have Migraine for 2 Months until last week it started again. Same BAD. I am going to see that Chinese Shop again. I think it worked well.


Hi. I was getting migranes for about 4 years. Spent hundreds on doctors who only prescribed ridiculously strong and expensive drugs that made it impossible to function, and only masked the pain for a few hours before it came back.

At my wits end after a 7 day solid stint of migranes I discovered this site. I read through almost all the suggested remdies and noted the most popular to try.

Touch wood I have finally beated this thing! The magic cure is vitamin B2 plus magnesium.

I started taking 1 magnesium pill and 2 b2 pills a day, and then cut it down to just 1 magnesium pill and 1 b2 pill a day. If I feel a migraine coming on, I take another b2 pill and that takes it away. Also, a shot of coffee helps (I don't drink coffee usually).

It has now been 2 months since my last big migraine, when I was previously getting them once every 2 weeks or so for about 3 days in a row. I had a few 1 hour ones about 2 weeks after starting the vitamins, but now even they have gone.

I urge everyone to try this simple treatment (and stick with it daily for at least 2 months) and hope that you have as much success with it as I have.


I want to thank the girl that posted about the Monster Energy Drink. I get migraines periodically (usually around the time of my period). This most recent one was going on two days, and it was killing! I thought I would go crazy, so I desperately started googling home remedies and found this forum. I figured nothing else had worked; why not try the Monster Drink? It was just like this poster said. Within five minutes of drinking the can, my migraine was COMPLETELY gone. I feel amazing right now, and I cannot thank her enough for posting this wonderful solution!!


Ok, so I HAVE to share this with someone who suffers from excruciating migraines so I can hopefully help some people out there who are suffering from this condition.

So for the past 6 months, I have been suffering from recurrent ovarian cysts that cause pain, soreness, fever, fatigue and irritability. Well, a few days ago I started getting headaches sooo bad that I couldn't move without throwing up from the intense pain. I tried 800mg ibuprophen, hydrocodone, tylenol and any and all pain relievers on the shelf to get rid of this. Nothing worked. I tried several home remedies to no avail. So I went to the refrigerator to get something cold to put on my head and saw that my boyfriend had left a monster energy drink on the shelf. I had tried everything, and who knows, it might just work. Low and behold! Ten minutes after drinking it, absolutely NO pain!! And now I had the energy to get my homework done and deal with my hyperactive little boy. THANK GOD!

I've read several articles on the internet claiming that caffeine and niacin help with the pain, which are all included in the energy drink, among other helpful vitamins. I must tell you though that I pretty much only drink water and the occasional sprite as a treat and this remedy might not work well if you already consume large quantities of caffeine daily, but it is definitely worth a shot.



Its about blood vessels behind the eyes... Near the sinuses. When my migraines respond to next nothing like you i resort to what seems silly. My mother had migraines and spotted mine early. My migraine cocktail is... Benadryl, ibuprofen800mg preferably, coffee, or nodoz. Also since your blood vessels are
Constricted, the idea is to sneeze a lot. So, pepper can help. But sneezing is not a gauarantee. So I will get a coffee filter and soak with vinegar, and like menthol etc rub afeccted aea.... And sniff the hell out of it..... Usually does the remanants of headache in.


Hello all,

My name is Michelle and I have a suggested remedy for migraines. I have had bad headaches since I was a kid but at age 28 I was diagnosed with migraines. I was seeing a specialist but the office visits were way too expensive. My husband works at a hospital and talked to the head nursing administrator about some remedies for me and this one works really well. I did it today while I was at work and the migraine subsided about 80-90%( I have very little discomfort about 5-10% right now and I feel a lot better)

The remedy entails: Take one sudafed pe maximum strength for nasal decongestant(the equate brand at wal-mart works just the same) and one regular execedrin or equate version of execedrin together with water. Wait for 30 minutes and then take an aleve caplets( I don't know how well the liquid gels work for this), then as a finishing touch drink a hot cup of tea(she did not specify what type so I just had a cup of green tea): I took this remedy starting at 4:45pm and it is 6:59pm and I feel great. I left work at 6:15pm and I felt better before then. I just wanted to share this with you all and hope for some positive results! Everyone be well and don't forget(we are all in this together)


I have perioedic migraines tht last 2-3 days. No OTC pills worked for me and usually made it worse.

Rub in menthol muscle relaxer on neck and shoulders, 5min rub in circular motions on temples and forehead, put a dab under/on tip of nose to open up. Lift up base of skull to relieve pressure, else hang neck/head over edge of bed for a short while. Rotate and extend neck in 360 degrees 4-5 time each direction. Later a hot compress, massage chair with stretch program and a hot bath.

Kristy in Missouri

I'm still working on the total elimination of my migraines. I have suffered with them since I was six or seven, I'm thrity-nine. My great grandmother had them before they were termed migraine. He sick headaches would put her in bed for a day or two. I treated them with tylenol until college. Then it completely quit working. Orudis KT worked wonderfully, but it is no longer available. I've gone through several years of trying different pain pills since then. Sometimes they work by themselves (not usually). Usually I have to use a variety of things. A hot compress, really hot (gel pack), across the eyes and forehead really helps. Gatorade helps take some of the pressure off the head while the medicine absorbs into the body. I don't know if its the electrolites or what? I hate gatorade so its like medicine to me. Another thing that helps is a light blocking eye mask. Got it at Walmart cheap. Blocks all light, and makes everything pitch black. When I was doing Atkins I hardly had any migraines. I'm sure that processed foods, white sugar, and flour have something to do with my migraines. Whole, natural, and non-processed foods seem to make a big difference. One more thing I've noticed is the barometric pressure. When it changes, snow or rain, I get migraines. A drastic change int he weather will trigger a migraine.

I hope this helps someone. If your like me you don't remember what a normal headache feels like. I will be trying the B3, and maybe the pineapple. Really glad to find this site.

Buster Gayle

I've tried lots of remedies for my migrains over the years. Here's what usually works: ice pack on back of neck, Activon and icy hot on temples and forehead. And, take one Tylenol, one Motrin and one Excedrin together. If your stomach is sensitive to aspirin, leave off the Excedrin and take two Tylenol with one Motrin. Alka Seltzer for colds works in place of the Excedrin.


This is slightly embarrassing, but I have a way to stop my migraines instantly. I am pretty sure that I suffer from the common migraine, with the pain being only on the right side of my head and behind my right eye. I seem to get them seasonally, meaning I'll have migraines once or twice a day or one every other day for a few months and then not get them for a year or more. However, the last two times I started to get them I had read some things about the cause of migraines being from chemical imbalance in the brain or something like that so I thought about how one might reset that balance and I wondered if when I started to feel a migraine come on or if I was woken up with it already pretty sever then I would masturbate. Please forgive me if this sounds perverted it is just when you are in such pain, you will try anything. Sure enough, if you try to hold out your climax as long as you can, whatever happens in the brain at that time, it seems to reset the chemical imbalance immediately after climax. I'm only writing this because it worked for me and if it can help somebody else with the pain then it is worth the embarrassment.

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