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I had been getting a good amount if relief from migraines with Head On. But its pretty hard to find and pricey. I basically make the same thing using vicks vapor rub. I put it on my temples and it really helps. It's cooling and calming enough that you can relax and at least get some rest.


i use a bag of ice right on my head...relieves it right away.


I've suffered from chronic migraines since high school, and I am 30 years old now. A little while ago I discovered Past Tense, which is an Oil Blend of C.P.T.G.(Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) Essential OIls. I had tried oils before and NONE had the effect that these ones did. I was afraid to try these because of the bad experience I had had in the past. My mum tried Past Tense on me and it WORKED!! Also switched it up with a Deep Blue/ Lavender or Peppermint/Get 20% off of retail listed if you become a preferred member and up to 30% off additionally when you enroll in the L.R.P. (loyalty rewards program) depending on order points & longevity. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS TO EVERYONE WITH CHRONIC MIGRAINES OR TENSION HEADACHES! I've also been told Omani Frankinsense works well, but I prefer these others. Hope this helps you too!

john c.

I have been suffering from migranes for years. My remedey is simple 1 Excedrine Migrane ,some chocolate, and a pepsi . Migrane is gone within minutes sometimes just leaving a slight headace.


This isn't so much a remedy as information concerning what brings migraines on. A lot of people don't realise what foods, and fruits, contain vaso dilating amines which basically cause the arteries and veins to swell causing the migraine. Most people know that cheese and chocolate are the main culprits and that cheese contains tyramine and chocolate contains phenylethylamine (not sure of the spelling) and that both contain vaso dilating amines. But not many people know that raspberries, avocados, bananas and oranges are high in tyramine and especially so if they are very ripe. And especially orange juice as it's more concentrated. Another culprit is Aspartame which is found in diet cokes. People choose diet over ordinary sugar not realising that Aspartame is a dangerous chemical and that it turns into formaldehyde at room temperature and has been known to cause strokes in monkeys. (So why is it in practically every child's soft drink on the market??) And it also causes crippling migraines in susceptible people. Vegemite is also high in Tyramine, as are all products containing Yeast Extract, such as Marmite. Yeast Extract is present in flavour enhancers, such as Bisto and Gravy Granules, packet soups and tinned mince, that kind of stuff. Some people are also sensitive to onions. A very good book on vaso dilating amines in foods is one called: The Migraine Guide and Cookbook by Josie Wentworth (No, I'm not the writer :)Another trigger to watch out for is hormone replacement patches. Also if you delay changing your patch and then put a new one on, the sudden increase will trigger a migraine, so you need to monitor them to see what does trigger a migraine and what doesn't. You could try cutting bits of the patch to see what works best for you. Or cutting them in half when you've forgotten to change one and then adding the other half later. Finally, the only drug that's ever worked for me is Imigran, also known as Sumatriptin. I will not go anywhere without them. They can knock a migraine on the head in half an hour. So if you're suffering I suggest you beg for this because it works like magic. Hope all this helps some poor migraine sufferer somewhere as I know what you're doing through :)


I'm 29 and have had migraines since I was 12. I was officially diagnosed at 15. At age 22, I had my first child and didn't have any migraines until around 3 years ago. They get bad enough to where excedrin migraine does not work anymore. I usually get them right before my period. I have pain, nausea, sensitivity to light & sound, and basically cannot get out of bed. I go to the emergency room for toradol/benadryl cocktail. My doctor prescribed Imitrex which made it excrutiatingly worse. So, I've been staying away from MSG (monosodium glutamate), which I didn't realize is in so many foods. I haven't had as many migraines since avoiding msg. If I do get one, from eating fast food usually which can contain msg without me knowing, I smoke marijuana. Marijuana also cured me from a 3-week sinus infection. Literally, the next day it was gone. For migraines, it gets rid of the pain & causes me to sleep it off. The only thing is that I can't go into work while I'm on it, I also cannot work with a migraine so there's a catch 22...


I mostly suffer from menstrual migraines, which occur throughout the week leading up to my period (usually three days at a time). Sometimes stress or other factors will trigger them randomly during the rest of the month, but those are never as severe as the hormonal causes. My 'aura' is not anything visual - instead, I often feel very dizzy, disoriented, or just a general feeling of weirdness in the hours prior to a migraine. There is not a specific side the pain occurs on, rather I feel it in the center of my brain.

Most of the time the pain level isn't too high (of course there are times it feels excruciating, as if a knife were literally in my head), but no matter what pain level, my migraines are ALWAYS accompanied by light and sound sensitivity and nausea. :(

I am also extremely susceptible to motion sickness. I have been recently experimenting with drug-less cures for my motion sickness. I purchased a pair of Seabands for a long road trip a few weeks ago - they worked well for my motion sickness!

SO! Today, I felt the aura or on-coming of a migraine, so I put my Seabands on. While they have done nothing for the head pain or light/sound sensitivity, I definitely noticed myself feeling far less nauseous than usual! So unlike last month where I was literally vomiting. :)

I generally do not like to medicate; Tylenol and Advil do nothing for my migraines. If I have to work, I will occasionally take Excedrin Migraine, which at least takes an edge off the pain, but still leaves me sensitive to light/sound and nauseous. I have not seen a doctor to be diagnosed or treated, which I should probably do.

I have little advice in the way of prevention methods, but I do find that smoking a small amount of marijuana helps me cope with the severe nausea. I used to smoke frequently in college and it worked quite well. I not longer smoke, so I often wish I did. On those nights when I'm curled up in a dark room crying, masturbating DOES help me cope, too, so don't be afraid to try it!

Best of luck, everyone! Thank you for the suggestions you've listed. I will be trying them out! :)


Peppermint oil goes great on neck , head, nose, chest etc. . Migraines bring heat and this brings the cool


I seem to suffer from seasonal migraines (as far as I can tell) as they usually wills start in January and then by May/June I won't have another until the following January. During my 'migraine season' I will get them 2-3 times a month, usually in the morning, often I will wake up with one starting. I am lucky in that I will have an 'aura' before. My aura consists of bursts of light they look like when you stare at a light for too long and you get the after image. Sometimes I will lose vision in one eye because there are so many bursts of light. Anyhow, what I do when I get a aura, I immediately take 2 extra strength advil (ibuprofen), I chug 2 mugs of coffee, use the bathroom and eat something as quickly as possible (my migraines usually make me nauseous so I end up not eating for hours). Something about this combination works for me, as if I do this process very quickly after an aura starts the migraine will be mild or nonexistant. Just my two cents!


Hello All,
I am suffering from Migraine for last 22 Years. It started when i was 15 and now i am 37. My DAD is a Doctor so i never had issues with Medicines. I have Migraine Twice a week which lasts for at least a Day. I live in London. A Couple of months ago i was walking around High Street in my Are and Saw a Chinese Acupuncture board. I went in there paid £40 and had my Back and neck pierced with 40 Needles. I thought it was waste of Money she asked me to come again in a month. After a week of my Therapy i didnt have Migraine for 2 Months until last week it started again. Same BAD. I am going to see that Chinese Shop again. I think it worked well.

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