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Ive had migraines for 4years now and being only almost 20 it sucks Ive been on topamate and now Im on Zonisamide.... neither of which are helping very much... they have done MRI's and neroligical tests.... cuz I used to get them daily back in Febuary and now they are back, I dont know if going to the ER is the right choice because I feel they wont do anything to help. Any ideas? Ive heard the MSG thing is a possiblility but I dont have a list...

Mukesh Patel

Guys n girls suffering from migraine, u won't believe me what works for migraine, A JALEBI made in pure GHEE. Eat JALEBI and glass of milk early in the morning eat nothing else. You can eat after 3 hours, please try this and reply me if u feel that worked for u, my email ID is

migraine sufferer

I have been suffering from migraines for about 20 years or so, Most currently, I have had a migraine virtually everyday since March is now 09/1/2012. Just like most migraineurs, I have spent countless hours in the emergency room trying to stop the cyles of migraines. I see a chiropractor (biggest waste of two thousand dollars EVER) on the upside the back pain that I have experienced daily for the past 16 years is getting better. So I can't be totally made at the Chiropractor. The first Neurologist, in the course of 4 months tried me on 2 different preventatives (topomax and zonegrain) both were an epic failure. His next suggestion was to go to a headache clinic out of state...with a small child, husband and job, this was just unrealistic. I then began seeing another nuerologist. I hade nerve block injections done on both sides right at the base of the skull. Then he stared me on botox treatments. I was a little freaked out about it at first. The thought of all (32) injections in my head had me wanted to run for cover. But then I figured...what's the worse thing that could happen...give me a biggier there, I have them daily. I have only been through one course. I have about a week and a half to determine if the full effects from the botox will really work. I keep saying life can only get better from here...I am at the bottom of the barrell already, things cannot get any worse.


Something that works wonders for me which my House Doctor tipped me on is following: If the migraine is just beginning to flare up, drink half a cup of really black coffee and take 4 x 500 mg paracetamol with it. What happens is that when the migraine starts up your stomach functions are closing down so no matter what you take it will not help as your body does not absorb it into your system. By drinking really black coffee you force the stomach to get to work and thus the paracetamol will help. The dose is higher than normal but if it is only now and then your body can actually handle it. Cheaper than having to buy really expensive medicines that may or may not work or give you side effects.
Good luck to everyone!


Hello, I have migraines 2-5 days per week, every week. I am 25 years old and I've been getting them for 12 years now. I have recently discovered that eating foods with the coloring red #40 in them increases my chance of getting a migraine within the next 8 hours or so to near 100%. Also, when I eat this coloring the migraine is especially painful. Since completely cutting out anything with red #40 in my diet, the pain of my migraines has decreased significantly to the point that I know FOR SURE if I accidentally ate something with the coloring just from the amount pain I'm feeling.


I've had migraines for years. At first, my MD thought it was associated with my birth control, (the depo shot), so I switched to the pill. The migraines weren't coming as frequent but they were still occurring. When I would get a migraine, the world would have to stop. I couldn't eat, sleep, listen and watch anything. The slightest bit of sound or light would have me rushing to the bathroom to relieve the massive nausea feeling that would come over me. Typically, if the pain was so unbearable to the point where I did end up throwing up, I would start to immediately feel better. But if I couldn't get myself to throw up I would take two excedrin migraine pills and lay as still as possible. Usually twenty minutes or so would pass & then I would start to feel better. However, my energy level for the rest of the day would be minute.

Like everyone else, I read and read and read of any option to relieve the pain. During college, I was bartending and my manager, at the time, suggested that potassium would help.

It may sound humurous but trust me on this one. Lay in a dark, cool & quiet room. Place a bananna peeling on your forehead. Close your eyes and within minutes you will start to feel the pressure diminishing. It has something to do with the potassium in the peeling.


Peppermint oil or any peppermint lotion on the temples, head, neck and anywhere there is tension works great and swear by it. i have had migraines for many years and have tried almost everything there is to try but this one the one thing that i got almost instant relief without having to lie down and there went the rest of my day because of a migraine. But everyone is different but hope this does help someone. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


A miracle for me has been a chiropractor. Not a home remedy, but after my first adjustment my migraines immediately disappeared. I would have them one-three times a week, from ages 15-19. I've had to work a lot on my posture and be careful the first couple months with the way I twist my neck and lift heavy loads, but it has been 4 years now, and a migraine will pop up about 4-5 times a year, and that number has been going down. When one does creep up on me, I go back to the chiropractor for an adjustment and it kills it.


My migraines are not curable. No medication will work. I have tried excedrin but after I have taken all that I can as recommended on the label I am still in terrible pain, feel even more nauseated, and have diarrhea from all the meds. The pain gets so bad that I can't even sleep because it hurts sooooo BAD. The only relief I've found is lying in bed with a heat pad, yes heat, on my neck and shoulders. I put on something to listen to, usually a season of a show I've seen before and enjoy, and trying to focus on calmness and listen to distract myself form the pain until I can finally sleep. Or if that is not working get in a hot hot shower and let it run on my head until I run out of hot water. My pain is as if something is trying to burst out of my skull. One other thing, while I am eating during a headache the pain goes away almost completely until I stop eating. Hmm obesity? Or debilitating pain?


Thanks so much to all of you for your wisdom and experience shared!! Another great site I found that has endless ideas for migraines is I'm 66 and have had migraines since early menopause onset at 40 when my PCP put me on Premarin and Provera. Going off of this medication didn't help - I've had them ever since. I got so tired of repeatedly assaulting my body with Excedrin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen/NSAIDS (such as aspirin or Goody products - which can damage the liver and God knows what else), caffeine, Imitrex/Zomig, etc. that I decided to go completely holistic in my treatment of them. The 'top ten' things that work for me are:
1. Breathing technique (breathe in to the count of 7, hold for the count of 7, and release to the count of 7; and do it 7 times) - being sure to use diaphragmatic breathing
2. 'Cupping' technique used by many Shiatsu and other practitioners - removes the toxins in the body
3. Gel ice packs (which are inexpensive and quickly freeze in about 15 minutes) on the neck and forehead
4. Baths with epsom salts
5. Avoiding caffeine altogether - to stop the rebound effect of it
6. Checking all food items for MSG content - a huge trigger - and masked in ingredient names such as 'autolyzed yeast, sodium caseinate, hydrogenated animal or vegetable protein, and worst of all, 'natural flavors!' (because MSG naturally appears in some foods)
7. CryoDerm (roller is best) or Biofreeze on the neck and shoulders
8. Tang Kuei Four Combination - tea that comes in a powder or capsule form, taken with water
9. Computer posture correction - sit back (preferably on a back support - I use the Back Joy from; take breaks and stretch; adjust the height and tilt of your monitor, as well as its brightness and contrast.
10. Last but not least, adjustments with a chiropractor - especially if you can find one who practices the Pettibon System ( - I found Lisa Smith in Grand Rapids and I LOVE her! She was a long-term migraine sufferer herself, and really knows what works!

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