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I have suffered with headaches for years. When my husband and I were first married (21 yrs ago) I would ask him to pull my hair at the base of my neck upward to release the pressure. He got kind of tired of doing that every month so now, I have a back massager and I massage my neck, jaw, ears and forehead. I heard somewhere that stimulating blood flow is key. Every time I get a headache now, I take my script, plug in my massager and I am relaxed and in less pain. Enough to make me fall asleep in 15-20 min. This is a weird one, but try it, it really works!!


Hello, I'm 28 years old and have been taking oral contraception pills for most of my adult life. Until a few months ago I had been taking Ortho Tri Cyceln Lo, this pill just like most other oral contraception has estrogen. I've been suffering from migraines for many years and have tried countless prescription pills from my neurologist. Some of them have worked but I wanted to prevent the migraines, not just treat them. It wasn't until I switched OBGYNs earlier this year and my doctor determined the cause of my DAILY migraines was from the estrogen in the Ortho. The added estrogen was at toxic levels in my body thus creating side effects such as migraines. She didn't run any tests or anything, it was just common knowledge for her. She switched me to a progestin only pill and the migraines stopped completely.I still get the occasional migraine but I'm relating those to my monthly cycle. Bottom line, if you are a migraine suffered taking any type of oral contraception, try switching to a progestin only pill. The effects is almost instant, it's incredible. 100% life changing for me.


So, I've struggled with Migraines most of my life, but I've had one for the past three days. And we're talking severe, can't see, can't move, can't sleep, vomit inducing migraine.
Today, I made a tea from herbs that I have in my garden (mostly). I used rosemary, thyme, ginger, cinnamon, and added a touch, just a touch, of natural/organic honey. I had heard of thyme and rosemary working well, but I didn't like the flavor very much, so I added ginger and cinnamon not only for their healing purposes, but for their flavor. What I was left with was a spicy, delicious tea that really helped. I will be using this remedy from now on!


What I do and this works for me almost every time. I drink a cup of black coffee and then I go into the bathroom turn off all the lights in the bathroom shut the shower curtain so that no light at all can enter. then take a rag depending on how i feel i use a hot rag or a cold one then i place it over my eye that has the migrane and lay on the side that you feel the migrane and i usually lay that way for 30 minutes. It most of the time usually always works for me. I have never heard of the vapor or peppermint thing but I will def have to try that. E mail me if anyone finds my remedy to help.


This may sound crazy but whenever I have a migraine I use Vicks VapoRub ( the original scent). Massage the salve into your temples, on your forehead, and cheek bones. Be careful not to get salve in eyes, do NOT put on eye lids or directly under your eyes. The vapor may make your eyes water a bit but the head should go away.


Hello fellow migraine sufferers. I am 45 yo and have endured these both of head pain since I can remember. One day in high school I thought I had a stroke because my entire left side went numb and my vision went black. We understand what others cannot about pain. That being said, try fresh rosemary and thyme tea. I used to drink this remedy in my early years. I don't love the taste of the tea but it does help with the intensity.


Have read in food alergy magazines that gluten can be a hidden culpret to migranes.


Ive had migranes since iwas 12 and im now25 n even though i only.get them every few months ive found that a cup of valeriana tea with a teaspoon ginger in it works the best for me better than any medication ive ever been prescribed by the doctors and as many people iv been prescibed so many different things over the years that i am jus happy to finally find something that works but you have to drink the tea when u feel the first symptoms starting as valeriana is tradionally used i think as.some form of sedative it relaxes your body and it reely works for me i just hope more.people can find that herbal remedies.such asthis one work for them aswel as i no wat an awful experience being a migrane sufferer can be hope my remedy helps some even thought it probly wont work for all!!!

Mandy Lawson

I have Chronic Migraines and have had them for a few years. I've been on most migraine meds (Maxalt, Immetrex and Treximet), none of them help. As weird as it sounds some relief I get is washing my hair in cold water and then lay upside down on the couch or bed. Also, ice water (I normally let the water freeze just enough to break it and it be icy) down your spine.


Ive had migraines for 4years now and being only almost 20 it sucks Ive been on topamate and now Im on Zonisamide.... neither of which are helping very much... they have done MRI's and neroligical tests.... cuz I used to get them daily back in Febuary and now they are back, I dont know if going to the ER is the right choice because I feel they wont do anything to help. Any ideas? Ive heard the MSG thing is a possiblility but I dont have a list...

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