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Hi All,

I have been affected by Migraine for the last 10 Years. Now a days, I am using Green Tea (Tata Tetley, Coffee day green teas) to overcome migraine. I took this green tea when migraine starts. Once I took green tea, migraine severity reduced and we can manage the migraine.

Please try and get some benefit.


Dear all I suffer occasionally with migraines and this weekend was a corker. It was day 2 of pain and the drugs hadn't worked. I desperately searched the Internet for other remedies and came across this website. I read all of your recommendations and decided to have a large dose of niacin, ate a banana for the potassium along with a strong cup of black coffee. Within an hour my migraine has virtually disappeared! Amazing! Thank you all

Lucille Green

This is the absolute truth. My Doctor had me on all kinds of migraine meds. I had a migraine that lasted 24hrs. a day to the point of being sent home from work, crying, eye pain, etc. It never went away, I dealt with it for 6years. When I was 33years old, I am now 65. I started believing that I could do all things through Christ and that prayer changes things. I went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights, closed curtains got it completely dark and started REALLY PRAYING. I stayed there for about an hours crying and praying and my head was killing me. I promised that I would stop certain things in my life and that I would start giving back to the community in some form. I SWEAR when I got up off my knees my headache was gone and I have never had ANY kind of headache since.


I used to get migraines but a used apple cider rubbing it all over head and cover with towel for 15 minutes.Smells but it's worth it and good for hair. Do this 3to 4 times a month and I don't get mag rains it worked for me.


Hi fellow migraine sufferers. I have suffered from migraines my entire life and nothing really ever works. I get them a lot at school and have to miss class because of them. I recently discovered an amazing remedy, ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES! Take two nurofen tablets and then get your electric toothbrush and use circling motions on your temples to relieve the pain! Hasn't failed me yet!


I swear by three things. I learned the depending onpain killers can lead to b ody tolerance and even a chance of a rebound headache. This is what I advise friends even with prolonged migraines (best to start at first signs of a migraine, though): 1) Cold packs to the area with the pain. It will soothe and help the blood flow issues. It may take several packs to accomplish the job but it does gradually work. 2) Pear nectar. Apple juice will work in a pinch but it isn't as effective. The Pectin helps soothe the headache. Sip it gradually and alternate with water or gatorade if needed. 3) Flushfree niacin (must be flushfree and not regular). Two capsules every four hours until it subsides, then taper off. Don't just stop the dosage. Taper. If all are used together, it will conquer even a prolonged migraine and without a rebound headache.


Peppermint oil (must be 100% essential oil). Rub drops into temples, back of neck, and other places where headache localizes. (avoid eyes, as it can irritate) It soaks in, warming as it does, and works wonders.


Try meditation, it worked for me. It took time but it worked. Focus on your breathing and your pain.. 20 plus years without a Cluster Headache..


Perform Anulom Viloma Pranyama(A Breathing technique) 10 minutes daily.


I have been getting migraines since I was 18 (now 27). I started getting them when I started taking birth control. When I first started getting them, they were strictly hormonal. Within the last 4 years they have gotten out of control. There are no regular triggers. I have cut out, several things out of my diet (alcohol, caffeine, sugars, dairy, etc...). I have taken several medications as treatments (relpax, imitrex, etc...) Some home remedies I have tried and failed at include: peppermint tea, pillow breathing, (ice packs and sleep help). I have also tried preventatives (blood pressure medications - verapamil). Nothing has reduced the amount I get in a month (which has been up to 20 - about 4-5 times a week). I am a teacher that is constantly around loud noise (children) and fluorescent lights. This may be a trigger, but I cannot change these factors.
Does anyone know of a preventative? Or any treatments that can quickly get rid of them?

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