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800 mg of Ibuprofen and at least 3 cups of strong caffinated coffee....


I get severe migraines & I was told to try peppermint oil. You can find it at some special foods stores, I had mine special ordered at a pharmacy. It was around $10 for a small bottle, but you only use a few drops so it will last a long time. Dip a Q-tip into the peppermint oil and apply it where it hurts - forehead, temples, neck - careful not to get close to your eyes. Start with a tiny bit to be sure you're not sensitive and the vapors don't bother your eyes.. you might not feel the effect for a few minutes, so don't over apply it. This seems to last for a long time and produces a very nice cooling effect, also, the peppermint scent is said to relieve upset stomach which can sometimes come with a headache. You can add more if needed. If you lie down in a dark room with a ceiling fan lightly blowing this will make it more 'cool'.. also, if you use cloth ice packs, such a cloth bag filled with ice that has been kept in the freezer, you can apply 2 drops of the oil onto the pack - just don't place it directly onto your eyes. Hope this helps someone out there!


Everone says 'have a nice cup-a-tea, it will make you feel better' well i dont know if thats true for everthing, but it really does work for headaches and migranes. My mum suffers with migranes on a daily basis and perscription drus dont do anything. so as a coffee-lover(which in my opinion does not help, coffee just makes it worse,for her at least)and a tea-hater, she did not like the idea of my green tea suggestion. but she'd decided she would try anything. so i made her a small cup of lemon green tea(good old tetly)and mixed in half a tsp.of honey. her migraine was gone completly in an hour. its always her last resort but she knows that it will work.if this doesn't work for you then drink alot of fluid,you could be dehydrated.If THIS doesnt work it could be something to do with your eyes(this was the cause of my headaches when i was in school), go see your optitions or your doctor.thats it, im all out of answers,hope these work for you and remember,rest and quiet time is key


When I get a migraine, I drink 2 tablespoons of vinegar. It is not the most pleasant taste but I promise that it does get rid of headaches!!!


I have had migraines since I was about 18 yrs old. I have tried all kinds of new medication and nothing worked, I put pressure on my temples and that worked a little but I found a way to watch my kids and help the pain. I have my kids take turns sitting on my head. I know a little wierd but for a single mom with no one to help watch the kids so she can take a nap for 30 mins (more like 3 days) I found that it works and they often argue who gets to sit on mommys head.


Fold a bath towel about 4 inches wide and wrap it around your head. Tie a knot in the towel and put a wood dowel through the knot and turn the dowel until the towel tightens and the pain is gone. Every 2 mins, release the stick one turn until it can be slipped off.


for relief of migraines, i put ice compresses around my temples/ears and let it sit there for about a half hour at a time. I was getting real annoyed because it was hard to hold it to my face for that long so I discovered this thing called an ice caddy. It's a velcro contraption that goes around ones head that has pockets to put icepacks in. I can ice my face while being hands free at the same time, it's pretty neat.


For 27 years, I took all kinds of over the counter pain pills. ( In excess ) I'm surprised I never created more problems. I went to a chiropractor who took x-rays of my whole spine. When I saw the x-ray, I couldn't believe it. The very first vertabre at the top of my neck was actually cocked sideways, causing to pinch a nerve. He worked with me, gently, 3 times a week, then 2, and then once a week. Got another x-ray, not only was my vertabre straight once again... But I have been migraine free for 2 years now. Good bye pills, I can now enjoy my children.


Whenever I have a headache or migraine, I have cold cold milk, it relieves my pain.
Try it.

Barb D.

I discovered that putting Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) on my temples & neck following the onset of a migraine GREATLY reduces the pain & impact. Instead of lasting two to three days, they are reduced to one day! Instead of going online or to a health food store, I buy it by the quart at (believe it or not!) 'Animal Feed stores'! Saves a lot of money...

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