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shellie D.

I use a very tight headband(mine is a thick furry winter one but any will work)on my head because the pressure relieves the intensity of the pain.And at the same time I use an ice gel pack sealed in a freezer storage bag,on my neck or if one isnt available,i use a cold washcloth on my neck.of course do use an over the counter medicine.i havent ever tried these alone.but the headband and icepack will relieve the tension a lot sooner.i lay down where theres peace&quiet and where its dark when i can.if its light,put headband over your eyes&I use a fan to filter out sounds or nature sounds like birds.


I find that in addition to staying hydrated, rested, and staying away from coffee, electrolytes seem to help. When the pain hits, I mix a glass of strong Gatorade into very cold water (I use the original flavor of Gatorade powder). If possible, I use electrolyte enhanced water (like Smart Water or the Trader Joe's brand).


I found out accidentally that 250mg of Magnesium that i use for heart palpitations eliminated my migraines 100%.I took a Magnesium pill instead of the migraine pill as i started to see the aura and within 15 min. there was no sign of my migraine not even phantom pains I have not had ONE since i have been taking magnesium.It might just be me but i am sure glad to be rid of them(migraines).I watch my diet (red 40) and hold to it.

V. Williams

At 16 I had classic migraines including a white spot in the center of my visual field, or the aura, a wavy line thru my visual field for about 20 min. After that came incapacitating headache with slight loss of control of the left side of my body. Very upset stomach and aversion to light. Lasted as long as three days. I had these several times per year particularly after finals or stress. Went to the head doctor at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Clinic. He said, forget the drugs. At the first sign of migraine rebalance the parasympathic nervous system by taking a hot and cold shower. 5 min of each as hot and cold as you can manage. Stop brow beating yourself and stop worrying about stuff especially in the past.
So I tried it. I'd get in the shower and remind myself that everying was really OK, and I was OK too. After 20 min no more symptoms! Learned to stop pushing myself so hard, and to meditate. Now years go by without even the start of a migraine.
Worked for me. (Once I even applied hot and cold paper towels in an airport bathroom and that worked too!)


DMSO IS FDA APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE IF IT IS A U. S. P. or better purity. Approved use is for interstitial cystitis of the bladder.
A 30% gel with a TRACE of oil of Wintergreen is a very effective way to apply it. That way it cannot run into your eyes, and the 30% concentration won't sting on the forehead or neck.
dmso . org is the NON PROFIT site for DMSO information. Dr. Stanley Jacob is the discoverer of the properties of DMSO and maintains that site.
I purchase my DMSO products from Jacob Laboratories.
By placing the DMSO 30% gel on the forehead when aura or other beginning migraine signs appear, 10 people out of the 10 who have tried it in my area have the migraine disappear in 90 seconds. I refer you to Dr. Guyruron, who does migraine surgery after using Botox to find the trigeminal nerve center(s) that TRIGGER migraine.
The 30% DMSO gel certainly is vastly cheaper than surgery, and since it is non toxic(compared to Topamax and other anti-epileptics)is vastly safer and cheaper.
DMSO is a powerful anti inflammatory(not by traditional NSAID mechanism) and analgesic that penetrates the skin with only a slight taste/odor IF IT IS a PURE GRADE.
In 40 years NO ONE has ever been harmed by it that Dr. Jacob has ever heard of, and he has been searching his entire career to find ANYONE who has been harmed by it. Without any result.


when your sitting in a car and you feel a migraine coming on I usually stick the tip of my head out the window and let the wind go threw it for a little while. NOT WHILE DRIVING!


When I have a migraines I often get in the bathtub with warm water and take a deep breath and go under water for around 10 to 20 seconds trust me it works.


I have to take prescription prevention medication (twice a day) because I get about 10 migraines a month if I don't. It works almost completely, but I still get one or two mirgraines a month. I find that I can stop the migraine from going from bad to worse if I breathe evenly and deeply through my nose, using my diaphragm.


I suffer from migraines since the age of 18, that usually last 3-4 days. Mine are triggered by nitrates, hormones and my low blood sugar! Lucky me!!! I have found that sticking to a nitrate-free, high protein diet helps for the days between my cycle. During my cycle, I have found that 'Stress relief' from bath and body works is great. I also have my husband...he rubs from my neck, shoulders, back, and then my feet with the stress relief lotion and if this doesn't help. He will PINCH the area between my thumb and index finger. It hurts like crazy but it relieves the nausea and the pain. When day two comes's hot tea all day long! Usually I have no appetite. I just experienced one of my worst ones yesterday...triggered by malt vinegar and fried fish!!! None of my remedies worked until day 2, but a doctor I work with prescibed me a barbituate(small dose) and it took the edge off..but made my life tolerable today.

Tiffany Alford

I am seventeen years old, and I have been suffering with migranes since I was about 12 or 13 years old. One day, I had stayed home from school and was by myself and had to come up with a way to get my migrane to go away. I took my imatrex and that just made me throw up. I took pamprin, which did nothing. Finally, I looked through all of our herbal hot teas and mixed four packets together. Lemon ginger, tropical green tea with pineapple, green tea with camomil, and lemon and spice. It may sound disgusting, but if ur a hot tea drinker, it was delicious. I also had made myself a huge bowl of chicken noodle soup. That seemed to help out a great deal.

I hope my remedy works for you all. It definatly worked for me!

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