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I'm 17 years old. I've had migraines since i was an infant. My mom remembers seeing me all the way back when i was 3 years old holding my head saying my head hurts mommy and crying and having the usual vomiting episode..anyway, ive been to a neurologist, i left with a hand full of prescriptions of anti seizure medicine for preventatives, which i got Topamax and the classic Imitrex and anti inflammatory most of you know these only work half the time and are very expensive.. but when all else fails (because usually it does with my luck with migraines) i
1. definitely use a old timey ice pace with a screw on cap and fill it up as much as you can with ice because it'll melt fast and i like to have mine through the night and the next thing in the morning or vis versa..
2. i have migraines in my temples usually on one side of my head so i heard that peppermint oil relieves pain from migraines so one night i was willing to try anything and i found that Vick's Vapor Rub or any kind of vapor rub works if you put some on the hurting area just dont get it into the eyes OUCH ive done that on accident before..
3. Also, my neurologist suggested that to always have Gatorade around, coke or Pepsi whatever you prefer and a little piece of chocolate..
Gatorade has electrolytes that hydrate you and they are actually salts good sodium that helps blood flow..
Coke or Pepsi gives you a kick in blood sugar and of course caffenine..
The small piece of chocolate also helps in blood sugar and phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA is the chemical in chocolate that may cause the blood vessels to expand and contract. However, it's also a natural mood enhancer, stress reliever and memory enhancer. So once again, it may have more good than bad for some people if your thinking about weight or whatever. so that all works together for a headache.. i always just keep Hershey Kisses around and eat one or two! :)
thats all my tricks to the trade.. ive gotten a few new ones from this website too browse through everyones.. it can never hurt to try something if you know how migraines really are..


I've had migraines for almost ten years I've been on tons of diffrent prescriptions but they only work fora lil an then do nothin I get lose of vision overwhelming sense of smell head throbbing fainting an pukin I've found that the only thing that can stop then is forcing myself to vomit sounds gross but completely takes all the pain away


When my Imitrex isn't available, this is my back up remedy. Heat makes my migraines worse and guaranteed to cause my throw up, so I tend to go the ice route. I've found that filling the kitchen sink full of ice cold water (sometimes have to add ice to it and let it stand for a few minutes to get ice cold), submerge as much of your head (usually my eyes get submerged too) into the water, bending your neck so that your chin is touching your neck/chest, and leave as long as possible. Have a chair behind you in case you need to sit down. It is shocking and sometimes causes light-headedness. As soon as you remove your head, wrap your head in a towel and lay down on your back - knees raised to avoid additional body pain. Along with this treatment, I also take two Excederin gel tablets with any ice cold Pepsi or Coke (NOT DIET!)and I spray Afrin or the equivelant in each nostril. There are a lot of constrictions going on in the head during a migraine and these tricks together seem to alleviate the pains for me.

Acupuncture can help as a preventative too, but not all acupuncturists treat the same way so you might need to try a couple before you find the right one.

Good Luck!


I can't believe I forgot about this. I have had this migraine for 2 weeks now and I have been sitting here crying. I am desperate and would try anything at this point. I will try some of the suggestions I have seen here.
But, I just remembered something that worked for me the two times I tried it.
You will need help with this one if you can get it (you can try it yourself but not sure if it works that way).

Ok get a towel or pillow case, wrap it around your head I (the edges of the towel or inside edges of the pillow case). Then, have someone twist it very tight, as tight as you can possibly stand it, and hold it there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Be sure to relax and breath. Then remove the towel, or pillow case, and boom the headache is gone. If it a really bad one it will at least be diminished to the point of manageability.

An old woman friend of mine showed me this one day when I was staying with her. She sat me down and did this to me. I was amazed that it worked. She is a very wise woman. She did this for me twice a few years ago. I can't believe I forgot about it. I hope it works for you too.


I am 27 years old, and have been suffering from migraines since I was 12. As migraine sufferers, we all know to stay away from triggers such as hotdogs (because of the sodium), red wine, ect. and to stay hydrated and stress free, but we also all know that some of these things are not completely avoidable (like stress! lol), but Id like to share a few things that work for me. One thing in particular is Xanax (or any kind of acute anxiety medication). Im not implying that you go to your MD and ask him/her to write you a script, but if you are a migraine sufferer and also suffer from anxiety, try to take one of your anxiety pills for your migraine. I dont know why, but it works, and if nothing else, it will at the very least help you fall asleep. Also, some people use heat, and others use cold. I prefer MOIST heat. I tried a few things; hot washcloth, putting a wet washcloth in the microwave, ect., but it never seemed to stay hot enough long enough. So what I do is wet a washcloth and put it on my forehead and over my eyes, then I use a heating pad or a hot water bottle (if anyone even OWNS one of those anymore lol) and put that over it. You still get the moisture from the damp washcloth, and the heating pad or hot water bottle stays hot and gives you the heat. We also all know that sleep and hydration always help, but a few other things Id like to share is when you feel a headache turning into a migraine (we all know the difference and can tell that turning point) try a cold glass of something caffeinated (like a regular soda- not diet) and something else sweet (like a candy bar). Again, I dont know why, but it works! Lastly, sometimes when the weather is changing (like a cold front moving through or allergy season) I take a sinus or allergy medicine with my migraine medicine (something like sudafed or benadryl or dayquil-something along those lines). This seems to help because sometimes its congestion that you cant even feel that is giving you the pressure and thus causing the migraine. I know this was a whole lot of info, but I hope it helps someone out there. To all- be well. :)


I have had migraines since I was in second grade. A way to prevent them is to stay hydrated (hard for me because I go to school and I am not allowed to drink anything there) and never feel hungry. Sounds weird but I get my migraines before I eat because I am hungry and thirsty. I f you cannot prevent it then use this next advice. I have migraine medicine that I got at food lion. When I feel a migraine, I quickly take that. That doesn't help much though. So while the migraine is going on, I go to the bathroom. I always feel sick so I go there. Normally bathrooms don't have windows so turn off the lights and sit there. Also I drink something cold and caffeinated. NOT COFFEE!!! If you can lay towels on the floor and lay down, good. If you can sleep, then that is better. Just stay away from light and sound. As soon as it is gone, get food and drink until you need to pee. I also heard that cashews can keep away migraines. I hope this helps somebody.


Migrains---When i feel a migrain coming i hurry and take Tylenol ,Motrin or what ever is handy. I then spash water on my face and arms and get in a dark room and use a fan or air conditioner and get real cold when i feel like i need to cover up i wait a little longer.It make the migrain go away every time. It does take long and it is not expressive.


This may sound silly but I've discovered two things that help, but don't cure migranes. They help in that, they relax my body enough that I can eventually fall asleep naturally without medication and sleep away the worst of the pain.

1) Let your jaw drop so that your mouth opens. This relieves the tension in the jaw and around your temples. Don't try to open your mouth wide, but if you simply let the bottom of your mouth dip, it can help alleviate pain stemming from your frontal lobe, or just above your eyebrows.

2) Buy a pack of fruit ice pops (the really wide ones that fill your whole mouth) and suck on one, but don't bite it. The cold actually numbs the inside of your mouth and radiates through the top of your head. Because you're only sucking on the ice pop you can consume it lying down which also eases the tension in your neck and lower back. If you do need to bite it, please sit back up to avoid choking. Once you've finished the ice pop try to fall asleep.


I've had migraines since i was nine. I've tried almost every perscription there is for treating migraines with no success. A friend suggested that i take a NSAID pain releaver with an antacid along with caffiene. To my surprise it worked for me.

shellie D.

I use a very tight headband(mine is a thick furry winter one but any will work)on my head because the pressure relieves the intensity of the pain.And at the same time I use an ice gel pack sealed in a freezer storage bag,on my neck or if one isnt available,i use a cold washcloth on my neck.of course do use an over the counter medicine.i havent ever tried these alone.but the headband and icepack will relieve the tension a lot sooner.i lay down where theres peace&quiet and where its dark when i can.if its light,put headband over your eyes&I use a fan to filter out sounds or nature sounds like birds.

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