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I've been lucky as many to get migraines since I was 14. I have tried everything from migraine pills from the doc to cold clothes. I honestly think that the only thing that works for me is calming the body. Stress does a lot of damage and you can tell just by the pain that a simple stress headache will cause. Cannabis works the best. Although people are against it I do think this will be the up and coming new miracle drug.

Ashley V.

I've had migraines since I was in Jr. High. Over the years I've tried various remedies. And although I think migraines come about differently for different people; I believe stress, odd sleeping patterns, and lack of vitamin B12 are major factors. I'm 21 now and have my migraines under control. I exercise regularly, take a vitamin B12 pill every day, and (this is going to sound odd, but it has REALLY helped) smoked cannabis every once in a while. I only get serious attacks around my period now, and during these times I take a cold pack and place it on my forehead and the back of my neck. And then I chill out in bed, in silence. Don't drink soda, you'll get hooked on the caffeine which isn't helpful; drink tea instead, and at least one glass of water before dinner. Over the years the subject of migraines has been a sensitive one for me, and I hope I can help out a fellow victim. I know it’s difficult, but we all need to chill out, try not to stress so much and get adequate, regular sleep. Also! Give your eyes a break from the computer/cell phone screen.


Feverfew leaf. You can grow it in your backyard. Do an online search for benefits & possible side effects.

As an aside, I've noticed that quite a few answers here include drinking soda. I would advise against anyone drinking soda for any reason. There are enough more natural remedies than ingesting phosphoric acid (which degenerates bones) & high fructose corn syrup (diabetes epidemic), amongst other questionable ingredients, that one shouldn't have to turn to soda.


I don't get migraines often, and usually I can take advil/tylenol and manage to fall asleep, but tonight was much worse. After two hours I got on the computer to get advice. I tried BioFreeze on the back of my neck and had two hershey's kisses. The migraine was 90% gone in 15 minutes. Amazing!


The gravity and intensity of migraine is poorly understood. Migraine headache profoundly limits normal life of persons suffering from them. In addition migraine treatment is fraught with side effects that are poorly tolerated by some patients and contraindicated in many more. Advances in natural therapies (Biogetica) have made it possible to treat this condition in an aggressive yet sensitive manner. These safe, natural products optimize blood-circulation relieving pain and other symptoms like nausea and vomiting, which are associated with migraine. The therapy also focuses on the recurring nature of the condition and thus, gradually reduces the frequency and intensity of the attacks.


The day after my 17th birhtday, I had my first migraine. Everyday for about 2 months straight I would have one that would start around noon and last for over 5 to 6 hours. I tried so many pain medications but nothing would stop it. I decided to try a more natural remedy then pills called chiropractics. I learned that migraines can be caused by having pinched nerves in your neck. Now, at the age of 20, I rarely have a migraine since I've been going and they dont last very long at all. I recommend chiropractics to anyone that has excessive migraines.


My friend and I just tried this remedy and it worked wonders:

I came into work and my friend was in extreme pain from a migraine. We immediately started looking up remedies and combining things we've tried in the past. She ended up icing her forehead and neck, then applied biofreeze to the back of her neck and ate some chocolate, and her migraine went away in 20 minutes after she'd had it for over 6 hours!


This site has been a godsend. My mother is suffering from severe migraines after a fall...apparently it's called post traumatic migraines. I combined some of the remedies and though not completely removing the pain, the result means she doesn't have to take the pain medication. We're using menthol on the temples, upper lip and between the eyes (that is where it was centered today). I then take an ice pack wrap it in a towel and place it at the base of her neck. Then I take a cold washcloth put that over her eyes and forehead plus put a cold pack on top of that. It's the type of cold press that can be stretched tightly wound around her head.

Relief comes! Thank you!


I have noticed that SUCRALOSE (aka Splenda), triggers my migraines. This stuff is found in a lot of foods now.
Before, caffeine/Excedrin helped my migraines.
However, since I've had my tubes tied and my cycle started, my migraines have gotten quite worse and nothing seems to get rid of them anymore. They last 3 days and I have classic symptoms (didn't before). Not saying I wish I didn't get my tubes tied, but take this into consideration before you make that decision.
Meanwhile, the hot/cold treatment and the massaging seem to help me get through the day. And Cokes (carbonation, sugar, and caffeine) help me with the nausea. And if you want the real sugar Cokes (not corn syrup) get the Mexican Cokes.
I'm gonna keep trying all these remedies here...maybe something will work!


Soak a cloth in vinegar and place on your face while lying down. Make sure to put it on the side you feel the pain. I am pregnant and cannot take my Axert and this works for me.

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