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Migraine can be treated effectively with natural remedies with the help of fresh grape juice. Grind grapes to extract the juice. Consume the juice in the concentrated form, without adding water.
Increase the intake of niacin (vitamin B3), as it has been found to be helpful in alleviating migraine pain. Some of the foods rich in niacin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish.

Crystal J.

I place a cold ice pack on the back of my neck sometimes, this way your blood tends to cool down a bit before it gets to the rest of your head. This has proved useful many times for me. I used to put the ice pack on my forehead, but that doesn't work as well as putting it on your neck.
I also try to keep myself from getting too hungry during the day by keeping something to snack on. Hunger is often a trigger for migraines.


Hey, I'm 17. Was in school today looking up remedies, and went home for lunch and tried the Green Tea with 1/2 teaspoon honey and 2 hershey kisses along with 2 motrine. Within 20 minutes my migraines gone and I'm in class typing this out because it worked so well ;)

Larry Viterna

I've found that when your head feels likes its literally splitting in half,I take an ace bandage and rap it around my head as tight as needed. usually just as tight as it will stretch. Then I leave it on till it hurts, then take it off till it hurts and then back on. Has helped the pain enough that I've able to fall asleep and have a chance of waking up tomorrow without one.

Steve Lord

Here are 3 home remedies for migraine or headache.

Method 1

Three people with migraine have found success with this, none of whom had ever experienced success any other way in their long history of migraine. One totally eliminated her migraine by doing it at the VERY FIRST MOMENTS of the beginning of her migraine, and the other two who tried it after the migraiine had fully set in. However the drawback is that it took longer than the people who stared at the tv snow (described in my other thread) with the sound off, method 1.

Putting our hands in the same position as the fetus places his hands in the womb most commonly, up like a boxer, near the chin or clavicle. hold it reasonably still, nothing in the hand, one hand is fine, no need for both, both are only slightly better, and if lying down on your back, you can rest your hand on your upper chest, but curl your fingers so your fllat palm doesnt rest on your upper chest, only the back of your fingers and the heal of your palm will be resting on your chest, wihich is stronger in effect. .

This aspect of the fetal position is enormously healing. However it will not work I have found, if you smoked a cigarette on the day you treat, or if you are near man made radiation from cell phone, computer equipment, or a flat screened tv. or a modern radio. The flat screened tv radiation can stop the body from being beneficially stimulated up to 17 feet away from it I have found. Things that suppress the immune system, as do any drug that affects the nervous system, like the synthetic opiate pain killers, will greatly reduce the beneficial effect I have found.

Lying flat has a bad effect on the brain, according to a book written by two college professors, and I agree in my experience, so see if you can lie with your upper body and of course your head elevated. You dont want to elevate only your head TOO much,and not the upper body because too much of an angle reduces oxygen to the brain. Do this fetal hand thing hour after hour and it should gradually,steadily cure your migraine, and some improvement occurs during the first half hour as per the experience of the others who tried it.

Method 2

IF I sit or lie in a pitch black room, absolutely zero light, which can probably only be achieved in a very very dark room AND also putting something opaque over the eyes, like two sweater sleeves, so not one scintilla of light comes in, and then keeping the eyes open all the time, if you close them except to blink, even momentarily, the effect will be lost. WHat this does is create a form of sensory deprivation which perhaps imitates what occurs in the womb and at about the twenty minute mark of doing this does trigger beneficial healing I have found and puts me in an altered state, which triggers the healing if I continue to do it. Studies back this up re sensory stimulation, re the altered state, This has not yet been tried for migraine, but it has a shot, I have some indication that theta waves are created by doing this, a very healing state so says the internet..

Method 3

This one worked for me in my one migraine. At the very first sign of the migraine, I closed my eyes in a dark room and visualized an object in my minds eye,I knew from before that this puts me iinstantly iin an altered state of some sort, again perhaps theta. I used my thumbnail to visualize, try that first, and when I was able to bring that vision of my thumbnail in my minds eye into perfect focus, zero fuzziness, total clarity, the same as looking at your thumbnail or whatever object you choose, maybe something from your garden , when your eyes are open, whoosh my migraine instantly totally aborted. Perhaps too this can be successful even on a more intrrenched migraine. One person I knew did try this for a full blown migraine after it had been firmly established and said she just couldnt bring the object in clearly. One thing that has helped me to bring my thumbnail in clearly if I am otherwise unable to do so, is to stare at my thumbnail with my eyes open and then quickly close them such that the image remaiins clear in my mind for a second or two.

Hope one of these works for someone.

Steve Lord

Steve Lord

Hi, Two people I know have rapidly eliminated both migraine headaches, and I have used this to improve or cure a number of ailments that couldnt be cured ot improved by other methods, by staring at the so called random white 'noise' created by the television static or snow that analogue, non digital tv sets create on the screen , when the cable is taken off or the set is tuned into a non broadcast channel. Newer sets have a blue screen that blocks that random static black dots jumping around on a white screen which is random 'white noise', partly from picking up the leftover background radiation from te big bang, so Ive read.

One woman I met who tried it had had a literally continuous, so she said, migraine for 30 years, due to some kind of structural problem in the back of her brain, and she said that in between 15 and 30 minutes she estimated, for the first time in 30 years her migraine was eliminated. A similar experience was related to me a neighbor who tried it who has intermittent migraines, and also for an ordinary headache in less time.

This works by within ten seconds putting me in a dead ringer for the theta brainwave state, one of the four brainwaves that is created during REM sleep (where dreaming occurs)l, and articles on the internet back that up in regards to audio white noise. However I find that staring at white noise with the sound off creates twice as strong an effect in me, and I have read a number of articles on the internet that the theta brainwave state is a super healing state, and that the theta and alpha brainwave state are the two brainwaves found in the womb , and this theta state is very healing according to my experimentation with it Ie inten have also read on various articles on the internet that listening to the sound of dolphins creates theta brainwaves in humans, and swimming wit dolphins is alleged to be healing to humans. It is also reported in articles on the internet to be the brainwave state created by hypnosis.

There is a mildly pleasurable feeling felt while doing this, and that would weem to be due to the theta brainwave state, according to articles on the internet, causing the release of pain reducing endorphins which do cause a mild pleasure when one is releasing them. Another woman I know who had a chronic, unremitting pain syndrome, which pain was cut in half throughout a two day test of having te tv tuned continuously in her peripheral vision while she lay in bed with her disease.

Steve Lord


Has anyone looked into the benfits of DMG on migraines? I live at 7000 ft and often provide these sublingual piulls to vistors. It prevents and resilves altitude headaches. It is also used in mega doses for autism


Simple relief for migraines that you wake up with.
*If you WAKE UP with migraines and sleep on your stomach with your head turned, it may strain the nerves and muscles enough to trigger a migraine.
You may also suffer from neck pain and stiffness.

Sleep on your back only, do not sleep on your side, it is too easy to turn over on your stomach and wake up again with a migraine. It may be difficult to break this habit, but if this is the trigger you will be overjoyed to not wake with a migraine.

This actually helped me, no medication could touch it, but something so simple as sleeping on my back did the trick. I used to wake up with migraines and vomit, my eyes would not focus, bright lights and noises irritated me, a full blown migraine. I was able to stop them and also have helped others just by passing on this simple information. So I'm hoping it will help others. Chiropractic care is also quite helpful to remove nerve irritation, resolve muscle tension. But if you go home and sleep on your stomach again, you'll possibly undo the adjustment and may wake up with another migraine.It's a hard habit to break but so worth it!

Other causes of migraines are not so easy to address, sometimes it can be caused by allergies to foods or food additives, diet drinks, or other environmental toxins.


I read this in an article and it has worked ever since I take B12 sublingual 1000 mgs every morning and I have not had a migraine in the last year and it's only about $6 dollars for a bottle of 100. Also if I feel like headache is coming on ...its very important to nip in the bud early. I used to wait and say I let the pain pass and then I find Im at the the dr three day later getting a shot in my but because nothing will help(even prescribed meds) So as soon as feel a pain I immediately take over the counter tylenol(anything handy) and a caffinated soda . Some people say don't drink soda but the caffine make the pill work faster. I just recommend do not drink diet soda's. Aspartme can make your headache worse and its also not good for you .


I've been lucky as many to get migraines since I was 14. I have tried everything from migraine pills from the doc to cold clothes. I honestly think that the only thing that works for me is calming the body. Stress does a lot of damage and you can tell just by the pain that a simple stress headache will cause. Cannabis works the best. Although people are against it I do think this will be the up and coming new miracle drug.

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