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For my migraines I use the usual menthol on my temples, but I also lay on my back with my feet in ice cold wet socks and I cover the rest of me, head included, with a warm blanket. A friend told me about it and it doesn't make it totally go away, but the cold pulls the pain away.


Chew on a piece of bitterroot until you can't stand the taste, then spit it out. Alternatively, burn the root and inhale the smoke if you're too nauseated to deal with unpleasant tastes.


I have had migraines since 1995 - after my son was born. I do admit that Imitrex Injections have been a life saver for me. I only take one if nothing else works. Peppermint Oil is great. You can rub it right on your temples, neck, etc. IT WILL BURN but it's a good kind of burn. It feels better than the headache. It may not cure it, but it will calm it. Be careful not to get in your eyes. If you don't want to apply it topically, then place a few drops of the oil on cotton balls, and put in a baggie. Open the bag and inhale as needed. If you can't get your hands on the peppermint oil, then Bengay will work. Again be careful with your eyes. Moist heat also helps - just place a dry cloth or handtowel in the microwave and heat for at leat 10 seconds - only as hot as you can stand it. Place on your neck and/or head. No need to wet anything - a natural moist heat is created.


Well my husband has always complained of migraine and for this past year has notice if he drinks a RED BULL it seems to eliminate his pains immediately. I guess all the caffeine and sugar rush.


I have been suffernig from migraine attacks for the past 5 years. I have been on homeopathy since the past 3 years since I did not want to get addicted to Tylenol. My frequency used to about once per 2 weeks, but has recently increased to 2 times per week...which is what caused me to come looking for natural remedies for curing migraine attacks.
I think this one really works....I used it alternatively and the pain was gone in a few mins. One is pressure points. Press hard on the area between the Thumb and the Index Finger for about 5 mins. At the same time, also apply a cold towel to the back of your neck. Relax for about 10 mins. I could not beleive it coz of the first time my headache was gone in 10 mins flat.


I have a few remedies to share. The first one is drinking one to two cups of coffee (not green tea, as it doesn't contain enough caffeine per cup) and taking two acetamenophin and ibuprofen each. Cold and sinus medicine Is better if you have it. Caffeine in small to medium doses causes better blood circulation in your brain, and with anti-inflammatory or painkilling drugs in your blood, this usually kills the average headache. Also, I have to give props to having an orgasm or sex. Often, this kills off light migraines. The other remedy is only for the more adventurous and open minded, and obviously not for kids. Magic mushrooms or lsd have been proven to completely interrupt migraines if taken within the onset of the migraine (the aura). You don't need to overdo it; a half hit of lsd or a gram of mushrooms will do it. It works, and I'd rather be high all day and useless than writhing in pain and useless.

Teensy Turtle

Migraines are dreadful things. I've had one for a week now. Sleeping only makes it worse for me and no medication ever helps.

I know smiling or laughing may be the last thing you want to do, but it actually helps me. Sure being around loud noises or going out to have fun may not be your thing, but think of a good memory and try smiling and you'll possibly realize that the headache/migraine is gone.


Hey um. I'm 13 years old and i also suffer from horrible migraines. I want to put in my own suggestion for getting rid of migraines. Usually i lay on the couch with all the lights off with a cold pack on my neck. Also, I wrap something like a wet rag tightly around my head. Then I nap. When I wake up, my migraine is almost always gone or very dull.

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Ive had migraines after i had my daughter. A friend of mine told me a very good remedy
'Abuelita chocolate' its a hot chocolate mix, you can find it in pretty much any store.
This other one is a little more complicated its called 'RUDA PLANT' i think its 'reu' plant in english. Its a european plant, very strong.
Ok well in a small saucepan add about 1 cup of whole milk, add in a good amount of the'ruda' plant. once the milk is consumed with the smell (trust me you'll notice the smell in your whole house) add a whole bar of the chocolate bring to a boil until the chocolate is dissolved.
Drink hot
CAUTION!! DO NOT DRINK IF PREGNANT, it is said that this plant is also used as a purposal miscarriage plant


this may be kinda odd but masturbation has worked for me. it doesn't make it go completely away but the pleasure makes the pain almost go completely away. once again maybe odd to you but my boyfriend goes down on me and once i climax i'm worn out and go to sleep within a few mins. my migraines normally put me in the hospital because i throw up almost non stop until its just bile which is really bad for your throat. the pain sometimes gets so bad i pull hair out.
the only medicine for pain that has ever worked for me is Oxycontin (Oxycodone)(its known to be really addictive but it never was for me, be careful!) if i go to the hospital they give me a bottle of 10 of 30mg. i would love to get a prescription but my Dr wont :(
i'm going to try the red onion remedy i'll keep you guys posted!

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