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lay down in a cool, dark room and take some aspirin. have a few cold cloths on your face and neck and try to sleep. sleep and drinking water is the best thing.


Well my mom gets migraines so I was researching stuff up and found out that Lapiz Lazuli crystal and Amathyt crystals help to relieve stress, hedaches, migraines and asthma. I dont have any Lapiz Lazuli but I found an amathyst, I cleaned It like the website said to do(in salt water) then gave it to my mom, within an hour she felt better.


Migraine help naturally -

I take Butterbur and Feverfew daily. I have been getting hormonal migraines with the onset of a period. Caffeine helps dilate the blood vessels.
I take it easy and try to relax. Quiet and dark.

The cold pack on the neck as many other people mentioned helps. Sometimes I have to go to the ER which is awful! I cannot take Imitres. Sometimes in the past a shot in the butt of Toradol works fine. But it is still a pain in the ass for a couple of days. Better than a continuing migraine.


I had an aura before a migraine and also rapid heart beat with vision loss. After entering the hospital a nurse came to me and said if I could, go to a neuromuscular therapist. I found one in Madison, WI. She did some manipulations of the muscles in my neck and then pulled my hair in the places where the pain was, this helped at that time, but today that did not work when I pulled my own hair. She had another idea that the Viet Nam people use and it is by pressing a muscle in the anus-I have not gone back for a try at that remedy. But, it is not out of the question.


This is more of a 'what is causing the migraine' prevention advice... when I get a migraine I usually take Feurinol (prescription medication) and that helps. But I found that by watching what I eat I realized that almost anytime I get a migraine and I go check the ingredients of what I've eaten or had to drink I almost have always eaten carmel coloring without realizing it. The last two weeks I've had a migraine almost every day.. finally it occurred to me that the only change I had made recently was in the brand of coffee creamer I use in the morning. Lo and behold the new creamer had carmel coloring in it. I realized I had this allergy a few years ago when I stopped drinking pepsi and my headaches all but stopped. It's amazing how many things have carmel coloring in them... even the soups I love... alas I have given up the things I enjoy to not have the slamming headaches. So, check the ingredients in what you eat and see if they ever match up to carmel coloring. This is more common than you think! Good luck!


A cold cloth or ice pack on the back of the neck, a cold cloth on the forehead and lay down in a quiet dark room. If you can fall asleep that helps a lot also.


My migraine remedy is a regular yoga practice. It has completely changed my life for the better. Yoga offers deep breathing techniques, stretching, increased circulation, stress relief and exerecise all in one. I used to get migraines up to a few times per week. I got to the point of serious depression and although Zomig worked well, I needed more pills than I could get or afford. I began a heated, vinyasa, power yoga practice anywhere from 3-6 days a week, and I rarely ever get a migraine. I haven't even filled a Zomig prescription in almost a year. I highly recommend adding yoga to your life. You will be a completely different person and pain free!


i take an icepick and stab myself til im dead. NOT...Ice pack,aspirin (chew em up)and caffiene


Just was experiencing the worse migraine I have EVER had!!! My sister brought me a prescription imatrex and took 2 liquid gel Advil with it and 30 minutes later..., GONE!!! no joke!!! Went from feeling like dying to complete recovery !!!


For my migraines I use the usual menthol on my temples, but I also lay on my back with my feet in ice cold wet socks and I cover the rest of me, head included, with a warm blanket. A friend told me about it and it doesn't make it totally go away, but the cold pulls the pain away.

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