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I have a migraine in my head, temples, and the back of my neck right now. I've tried a few different remedies and I'm going to post them here. My pain started out at a 10 on a scale of 1-10. It is now about a or 4, which feels MUCH better.

Drank a mug of peppermint tea - calmed me down, but did not really help my headache.
Ice pack on neck - helps the neck pain a bit, but barely.
Took three ibuprofen - did absolutely nothing.
Smoked cannabis - I'm not condoning drug use, nor do I smoke often, but this truly took the sharp edge off of my pain. This is where I finally began to see relief.
Hot bath - DEFINITELY took the edge off even more. I played soft music and kept ice on my neck.

Like I said earlier, my pain is still there but greatly decreased now. Time to lay down in a dark room. Good luck folks.


After listening to a radio show in the car one afternoon I learned that doing something repetitively like knitting or crocheting is suppose to help. I learned the simple stitch in crochet and it amazingly helps when I run out of meds and can't pick any up....the doc on the program said it has to do with the seizure part of the migraine. Also for those who can't afford to get expensive meds all the time the Goody brand powders that many places sell are cheap and simple but it is a powder that goes under your tongue or can be mixed with a liquid and it goes to work fast and it does work!


I was prescribed beta blockers and imitrex. Does nothing for prevention! I stopped and now I take daily b2, magnesium and feverfew... Believe me it works. Pick it up at vitamin world. On the occasion I should get a migraine I may pop two exceeding but mainly I drink yummy herbal teas and honey, in the pitch dark with ice on my neck and heat on my forehead/eyes with a fan blowing so I don't get over heated and to block out any outside noise. Then sleep! Also drinking peppermint tea and rubbing peppermint oil on my temples helps too!


So I have a few things that seem to work, a couple prevention and a couple tricks that help me when I feel like I'm thisclose to death.

1. As I've read already, B12 everyday has helped over time to reduce the frequency of migraines. They make some that dissolve under your tongue that are great for when your stomach is spasming and will not digest anything.

2. Magnesium - I've read this here too, but I think it helps me for another reason. It makes me go #2 everyday - and a lot, cleans me right out (sorry for the TMI). I noticed if I forget to take it, and haven't gone #2 for a while, I get a very bad migraine. Not sure why, but also when I finally go, I can feel my migraine let up.

3. Tea and Honey. I worked at an office that only had tea and honey, no coffee or sugar in the building. So I switched to drinking that and within a month, I went from my usual 6 migraines/month to two/month.

4. When I do get a migraine, I put an ice pack on the back of my neck, and a heat pack (a heavy bean-type pack works best for pressure) over my forehead/eyes. I rub peppermint oil on my chest so I breath it in and that seems to make the nausea better.

Hope this helps, even if it's just one person for one day. Knowing there are so many people who go through the same crappy thing I do makes me feel better. These other suggestions have been great - I'll definitly try the hot/cold shower since that mix seems to work well for me.


Unfortunately, all of these remedies as fantastic as some of them are, depend on the cause of the migraine.I've had migraines quite litterally since birth. I was born with Hydrocephalus. It wasn't diagnosed until my early 30's.Yes that's rare but it does happen, in fact my nuerosurgeon featured my case in a medical journal for which he was writing an article about the disease. It's quite dibilitating and has been since day1. When I would complain to my mother she would (thinking I was faking)five me a small glass of gingerale and send me to bed. Needless to say it did nothing. The only thing that helps my pain is unconsciousness.The migraines are accompanied by vomiting,dizziness,grouchiness,and pressure over the entire head. A word of advice for all you parents out there: Unless you graduated from medical school YOU ARE NOT A DR!When your child complains of pain, believe her. No matter how often she 'plays sick'. Atleast have her checked out by a doctor. None of us like to think that our child may have somethin serious but it can and does happen. By the time I was diagnosed I was given 6 months to live. SIX MONTHS. The surgery saved my life. TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED


My life saver: A fan. I have a mini fan that I put on my bed with me and lay down with it about a foot from my face. The cool air feels amazing and the white noise seems to help also. I cant even imagine a migraine without it nowadays.
Also, I sometimes find the pain to be much worse when lying down flat so I stack my pillows up and try to fall asleep at a 45 degree angle. Once your comfortable, with the fan in your face of course, its amazing.
Dont forget two Excedrin Migraine pills. Nothing else over the counter really works for me but those seem to help.


hey guys. first off, this forum is a real lifesaver, just knowing that there are so many people out there that have migranes like me is reassuring. god knows ive felt like a freak because i have them, but that's neither here nor there ...

my 'home remedy' suggestion is real straight-forward: pineapple!

pineapple was said to be a 'miracle' fruit, and upon some research, it seems to be. aside from hundreds upon hundreds of health benefits, i found that eating a serving of pineapple 1-2 times a day helps to relieve the symptoms of migranes. i've had them since i was 13, nothing seemed to help. for the last year, ive been doing the pineapple thing, and have since then seen an ENORMOUS drop-off in the severity and total number of migranes i get. really, its unbelieveable. now, whenever i go to the store, i make it a point to get either the cored pineapple, or the pre-cut, DOLE pineapple, both seem to work.eeded another reason to try!


I get migraines consistently and what helps is putting a lemon slice for about five mins! Sounds totally crazy right? it helps. also ive tooken 2 ib profens and drink a cold can of coca cola! it works too!


Ok so here's what has helped my migraines...things I've tried in desperation when I have a three day long migraine when I've already taken excedrine or relpax and they decide to no longer work. Watch what you eat-avoid trigger foods at all cost! Take a shower and alternate hot and cold-as hot as you can stand and as cold as you can stand, which heck when you have a migraine you'll do anything right! The hot to cold change opens and closes and flushes your blood vessels or something. Also just trying to fall asleep with ice on the most painful area-wake up with no migraine! Apple cider vinegar 2tbsp in water with some honey-seems to work sometimes, basically if caught right at the beginning. Taking 400mg B2 and magnesium daily, when I was doing this I had much fewer migraines-have to start again. Breathing exercises-no kidding if you search it there are a bunch to try out and see which works best for you. It is very beneficial to breathe correctly, something we don't realize we are doing or not. Also just having someone, or yourself, press hard on the back of your head/neck which I think has to do with nerves and blood vessels going through your head. All of these have worked for me at one time or another, just depends on how fast I catch the headache or which is most available. Im ready to try acupuncture because there is a clinic that goes on a sliding scale near me and it's sposed to help according to a guy I know who gets migraines. I'm also looking into other supplements or herbs that can help, feverfew doesn't work for me because it effects my hormones and I end up with a period every two weeks which means a migraine every other week that lasts the whole week. Do the math. :(


I've had migraines with varying frequency since high school (I'm 25) and I've recently found a really great new thing to add to my arsenal or 'ahh-i-want-to-slam-my-head-into-a-wall-so-i-can-pass-out-it-hurts-so-much' lil ole' bag of tricks. Salonpas brand hot/cold medicated patches. I get the small ones for the neck and put one on each side of my neck at the back. I find these particularly helpful when I'm out somewhere and I truly can't leave to go hide in a dark place. They tingle at first and then have a great spreading warmth hot cold thing going on. They really help me relax and they smell kind of like menthol which helps too. I find them much better and more powerful than IcyHot brand patches. I keep them in my purse and when combined with a cup of coffee and a couple of Excedrin i can usually carry on with my day.

I also want to put in a quick nod to masturbation! I know it sounds weird and may make some people uncomfortable but if you're at home in bed under the covers anyway... I've found it always helps calm me or at the very least helps me fall asleep. It's the endorphins and I've also heard it helps because the blood rushes away from your head which relieves some pressure.

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