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40 Home Remedies for Menstruation


Taking some ibuprofen helps to lighten a heavy period. My gyno told me this because I have a really heavy flow my first two or three days and this really did the trick.


For really bad menstrual cramps I stick to my mile a day walk, believe it or not, moving around and being active during this time has been proven to dramatically reduce the cramps.


When dealing with menstrual cramps, it's best to stay away from caffeine, it quickens the heart, which quickens the blood, which causes waaaaay more pain than normal. I tried this. I eliminated caffeine from my diet for 6 months to see how my body would react. For those 6 months my cramps were much lighter, and the months where I had a rigorous play schedule, my cramps were almost non-existent.
Basically, eliminate caffeine and kick up the physical activity. Hot baths or heating pads at night before bed.


just drink cranberry juice it really helps i drink it all the time when i get my time of the month and it really helps.


When you get cramps any type of heat directly on your stomach will work, I have a chihuahua and I have her lay on my belly under my shirt (you wouldn't believe the heat they put off!)


I have HORRIBLE cramps on the first two days of period. I have found almost immediately putting a small amount of wild yam cream on my stomach Works. You are able to find it in health food stores.I promise it helps a lot.


For menstual cramps I was told a long time ago to make sure my feet were warm, so put on a pair of socks. It should just take a couple of minutes and no more cramps.


For cramps I use some deep heat rub below my belly button but not to low. It is an instant pain killer.


Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules work wonders for difficult periods. No cramping, heavy bleeding, bloating, PMS, etc.. It also helped me when I had my last daughter. My labor was cut down to almost no labor, with a Very easy delivery and NO heavy bleeding and cramping afterwards. I only took it the last 3 weeks.


drink warm green tea (no sugar) and warm iquids throughout your cycle. This will thin and slow down the bleeding and rid the cramps. cold liquids makes the muscles contract harder. Also stay away from dark liduids which makes the blood flow more.

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