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84 Home Remedies for Fever Blisters


I've tried lysine, ice, peroxide, and yes, even bleach.

Take 500-1000 mg of lysine when you first feel the tingle. Take the same amount the next day. Then take half of that for the next few days. Lysine is fairly inexpensive and can be found in the vitamins/minerals of any store.

In addition, also try applying ice; a wet black-tea bag; cornstarch, aspirin, aloe vera.

Anyone who suffers from fever blisters knows how embarrassing and painful they are, even when small. While some of the suggested remedies may be toxic or dangerous, I'm not surprised that people go to these lengths to get rid of them. I'd try almost anything. I wish someone would find a way to cure it.


I was told to try this and it worked. Take 2 mounded tsp. of cream of tartar and mix with about 1/3 c tepid water. Stir until it dissolves. Drink this and chase with cold water (it tastes like asprin). I tried it after the fever blister had started swelling and it dried up and went away quickly. Next time, I'll try it as soon as I feel the tingling.


ok, so i got my first cold sore about 4 days ago and i found out that fingernail polish remover will speed up the healing time because it dries it out very quickly! it healed in a bout a day and a half and all that is barely visible is a little red spot. so i went out in the sun all day yesterday and burnt my lips and woke up this morning with swollen lips and covered in bumps which i am not sure are fever bisters, cold sores, or just blisters from being burnt. so when i woke up i immediately began putting several remedies together, here they are:

1. i started with holding ice cubes on my lips until they melted completely

2. then pour some alcohol on a folded papertowel or wash clothe and hold it on there for as long as you can stand or until it has evaporated.

3. the alcohol really dried up my lips so then i went and broke off a piece of aloe vera plant (or any aloe vera) and rubbed on my lips to put moisture back in.

the swelling has gone down some and the bumps are actually gone! also blistex chapstick helps put moisture back in and it has a cooling sensation when you first put it on which feels amazing!


If you are someone who frequently gets fever blisters or cold sores, try applying fingernail polish remover every few minutes (it dries quickly) when you are aware of an upcoming outbreak. This sounds extreme (it will not burn unless the sore is advanced), but I have used this treatment for years and apply it with an eye drop bottle and it totally stops the virus from growing into a sore. If you don't catch it until it becomes a blister, simply use a clean needle to puncture the blister an apply the remover until it appears to halt the growing process and use Abreva until the sore has healed.

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