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If you can go to a doctor or even urget care, ask them for acyclovir. A customer of mine told me about it, and the blister NEVER develops. Don't waste your time with home remedies that still cause you to deal with a sore for a few days. Once I feel the tingle, I take a pill. Then I take a couple more the next few days, to make sure it doesn't develop. I never use the full prescription, I keep some of it for the next time, and always have the doctor give me up to three refills.


My fever blister was minor so I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but it worked wonders on mine. First dip a q-tip in some alcohol place it on the blister,it may sting a bit, then rub some Blue Star ointment on it. You can do this up to 3 times a day and in a few day it will be completly gone. Hope this helps


I've had great success - 100% so far - preventing fever blisters. Take a raw aspirin (non-enteric coated). Put it in just a couple of drops of water till it turns to a gritty paste (just a minute or two, aspirin dissolves quickly). Apply this to the area. It has prevented - 100%- fever blisters for me, and the first time I used it, I already had one forming, and the aspirin paste stopped it in its tracks. I first tried this remedy because I read online a study in which chronic fever blister sufferers who went on a daily aspirin regimen for unrelated heart problems saw a dramatic reduction in their outbreaks. I took it one step further and applied it directly to the site, and so far it's been perfect. Good luck!


When I first noticed the fever blister starting I brewed a cup of tea. I then used the used tea bag when cool and held it on the blister for a minute or so. I did this on and off for over an hour, then a few hours later, reapeated with a new used tea bag.
I only had 1 day that the fever blister was hot and throbing instead of 5. It truely did work and was not at all painful like other remedies.


I gotten fever blisters a least a few times a year for about 20 years. I have two remedies to share. The first one is ACV. Most people know about Apple Cider Vinegar these days, but for those who don't, it is simple: Drink 1-2 Tbs of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with a full glass of water every day (on an empty stomach is best). When taken consistently, I do not get any fever blisters at all. However, since this requires a certain amount of discipline, there are times when I go off ACV for a while and the fever blisters come back.
My other suggestion is Grapefruit Seed Extract. I use Nutribiotic. It is something I have used for other ailments for over 10 years, but only recently discovered it's use for fever blisters. At any stage of the breakout use your fingertip to dab just 1 drop of GSE directly on the blister and it stops the breakout in it's tracks. Even when it is just pre-blister tingles, if you use it then, the blister will never form. My experience has been no-fail. Every time I have used GSE it has performed just as I stated. Please note: Grapefruit Seed Extract is very strong in it's full form, and for other uses it is always heavily diluted. So do not use more than a drop, maybe 2. Only apply to affected area. And do not repeat for several hours (though I normally do not have to repeat at all).
I hope this works as well for others as it has for me. Good Luck!


Since a fever blister is a form of herpies the best thing to take is Valtrex. You can even ask your dentist for a perscription. You don't have to take them everyday just when you first notice the blister starting to form. Take one or two a day until it disappers and ta daaa it will disappear. This usually takes about 2 days if you catch it early.


ok you have a fever blister... be strict with it you dont wanna go out in public with that. so this is what you do FIRST prevention: theres a reason your getting them stop stressing,sun exposure,smoking, eating chocolate, acidic foods,or salty foods cut down on it.
also take vitamin c and lysine.

SECOND: treat it.
dont bother with Abreva that shit doesnt work or any over the counter meds for it.
do try: softening it with warm water
popping it with a sterilized needle
nail polish remover
crushed up vit c pills
apple cider
and secret deoderant or ban deoderant
also eat licorice the real kind that has licorice mass in it not anise the glycrrhzic acid in it is the bomb do these things and it will be gone one of them will work for you within a day it will be gone trust me i know


The only thing that has ever worked for my fever blisters is EAR WAX. It sound gross but its true. It goes away the same day or sometimes the next day. If you can catch the blister when its trying to come, you can actually prevent it from coming at all. I have tried everything. You gotta try this

Meghan K

So yesterday in the middle of math and completely out of the blue, I start to feel achey, I get home from class and I'm freezing to death, and I'm so weak I can barely move. I had a tremendous fever and only God knows why. I swallowed 4 ibuprofen and within 2 hours I felt better. I still had a small fever but I wasn't shivering anymore. I woke up this morning, and lo and behold, what do I see? I giant blister in the corner of my mouth. I've read all the remedies on here and most them seem like sound treatments. My mom told me about keeping some deodorant on there. I thought she was crazy, but instantly some of the tingle and the hurt was relieved. After the 3rd time I'd put some on though it didn't seem to have any effect. So I took a women's one a day, melted an ice cube on my lip until it was numb and then I held an unlit match tip to it. It stung, but I think that's because it's a freakin' fever blister. So, then I put some lotion with eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree oils on it. Then a wet tea bag. I plan to try some lysine, and maybe an o.t.c. remedy. We shall see.

C.G. in Oklahoma

My husband gets fever blisters all the time and has tried everything out there on them and nothing seems to ever work. One day he decided to put 'chiggaurd' on it because it creates a kind of barrior so that air and moisture cannot get to the blister and feed it. My husband relies on this own remedy of his so much that he carries it around in his pocket when he has a fever blister. Chiggaurd is an over the counter medicine you can get for chiggar and mosquito bites and such. It also has camphor in it which is also a healing ingredient. The only thing about chiggaurd is that it has to be applied often because the sealant barrior that it creates does come off easily due to licking your lips and such and it becoming in contact with saliva.

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