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I get fever blisters about once a year when I get a really high fever. Mine aren't small. They are huge and take up a majority of my right upper lip. They last as long as a month!! I hate it. This year I finally tried something other than just Abreva (although this is a GREAT purchase for relief). Here's the trick I used this year and it lasted only about a week:
Pop the blister as soon as it forms.
Everyday dab a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the blister (this burns like crazy, but dries it out super quick). Do this about 3 times an hour.
At night put Abreva on the blister using a Q-Tip and over the Abreva put Neosporin (using a separate Q-Tip) on the blister to shorten healing time and scarring.
This works so well for me! I hope it works as well for you!


Fight it from the inside AND the outside!!

Well, I have gone through years of suffering and decided to do a little research. This world consistently for me, so I hope it works for you!!

First let me say that popping, sqeezing, pricking or anything else that causes fluid to leak out is NOT wise. You may have a fluke of nature where this works but you will likely break out more no matter how much disinfectant you use.
I noticed when I have a breakout that my glands on that same side also swell and or I may get this when I'm getting sick our under the weather.

So I arm myself with:
Pink grapefruit airborn tablets,
zesty orange ester-c vitamin c packets,
a large aloe vera leaf (the ones they sell in some stores in the produce section... About 8' long and very wide),
and a ton of ice.

Sounds like I'm about to tell you some back woods remedy right?

First, I do not use the vitamin c according to the package because they say you should limit the times you take it, and the more I did it upset my stomach but a small thing compared to my blister. I mix airborn and the vitamin c in 8oz of water and drink it every few hours - hoping to raise my immune system enough to help me fight this. When your body gets sick,.blisters etc... that your body can't prevent, I decided to start from the inside. Then as soon as u you feel that tingle, or hardness in your lip, drink the mix.

I then snap off a piece of slimy aloe vera and rub it all over the area, careful to always use a new piece when I repeat this. Be careful, it is highly bitter you will taste it for hours, and do not eat it! Aloe has healed bad burns and scars for me so I noticed it helped with this.

I then hold ice in a thin later of paper towel for about ten minutes in a way, it will almost feel like your lip swelled a bit but when the chill wears off, you will see that it didn't!!

Then follow up with a dab of abreva.

In two hours, I do it all again, and I keep repeating. This has prevented it from even errupting at all, but sometimes, I can't save it but one thing I will say is it took forever to get this 'remedy' and it works for me and fast. Even if it has broken through, the scab is sooooooo small and barely noticable. So if nothing else, it severly shortened healing time, took away the pain and made it nearly undetectable without that nasty crusty scab.

Things to avoid...
Hot liquids and foods. Reminded of chicken pox outbreak where my parents were told to give me hot fluids to make them come out faster! So true! So about this, eat cold cuts, salads, etc for a few days.

Soda, high sugar items

Greasy foods

No kissing, wash your hands constantly and stay awayyyyy from the kids!

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOTTTTTTT SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE AT NIGHT!! Particularly on the right side where it mostly occurs. Notice how your lip gets bigger in the morning and sometimes the glands on that side ache? You are causing fluid to build up in your lip. Bite the bullet and prop yourself up at night until it goes away and I don't mean a pillow or two, I mean basically in a reclined position. I use about 4 pillows, sound stupid, but I haven't had my issue longer than a couple days because I follow my steps and start away.from certain things.


For fever blisters the best remedy I have been able to find, while not very legal even though the many medical ailments it helps, marijuana is my best home remedy. Now, I don't consider myself a stoner due to the fact that I actually use it for its medicinal purposes. Headaches, insomnia, but this is also one place it helps me. Now I suggest only doing this process at home when you have the day off and are just starting to feel that tingle come on. Basically the process is to smoke until you literally forget about that tingle sensation or just don't care about it anymore. usually one half joint will do the trick if it's good bud. Then make yourself a strong pot of green tea with a little honey and drink the whole pot. Relax for as much of the day as possible smoking again if necessary. The blister may still come but if you don't use any type of ointment or chapstick it should be gone within a day or two and it won't show up like the crazy blister you don't want. Obviously use a little chapstick if your lips are crazy chapped but try not to put it on the sore.


fever blisters
rub daily with Lysterine. It may burn but it kills it and makes it go away faster.


As soon as I realized I was coming down with a fever blister....I was thinkin oh great here we go again, so I decided to try something different, because I didn't catch it in time this time, the blister had formed over night, so I took a clean steralized needle popped the blister, immediatley cleaned it with peroxide, washed my lips with antibacterial hand soap, cleaned with peroxide again, and applied carmex lip balm I didthid about three times that day, the next day the sore was completley dried out, but was left with a scab that took a few days to go away, keep cleaning it with the soap/peroxide for a few days after the first application if the first time don't work for you.


Coconut oil. It has natural antimicrobial/antiviral properties.

This works great as a lip gloss/lip conditioner too so use it regularly and you should see a lesser occurance of fever blisters (if it doesn't eliminate them completely). Buy a small pill tin (or fill a contact case) so you can keep some with you.

You can get it in the health food section of most grocery stores. If not, all health food stores have it. It's solid but it will liquify at body temperature.

This is also a great lotion for dry skin and healthier to cook with than most oils.


So,I have been getting cold sores basically all of my life. I dont know about you guys but when I feel a cold sore coming on, I just want to CRY my eyes out because I dont want people too see that ugly thing on my lips.
Well anyways, last night, I felt a little tingling in my lip, which means that a cold sore is coming on. I always keep my Abreva handy because I am one of the few that have been lucky that this works. Well, I add the Abreva to contain the cold sore, and usually, when I catch it at an early stage like it was last night, the Abreva takes care of it. But not this time, because when I woke up this morning, the thing was not gone, but hadnt spead because of the Abreva. So then, I iced the sore for about 1-1. 5 hours and then I take a sterile needle and pop the blisters. I IMMEDIATELY take Hydrogen Peroxide and soak the sore with it and then I ice again. I keep applying Abreva, Blistex, and drink plenty of water thoughout the day, and now you can barely see the thing, it just looks like a little cut on my lip! (: Hope this technique works for you because It has helped me.! :D


Ok, here it is... but first let me say this probably won't work for everyone. It works for me and has worked for the last 3 years I've been doing it and I have had 3 years being fever blister free!

What I do is as soon as I feel a fever blister coming I pinch the area of lip. I will continue to pinch that area a lot at first and gradually throughout the next 8 hrs or so less and less often. It does hurt to pinch this swollen and sensitive area. It hurts about as much swollen gums.

I will start off pinching my lip for a minute or two. Take a short break, about 2-5 minutes and then repeat. I will do this for an hour, the next hour I'll pinch for less time and take longer breaks. Eventually I'm only pinching for 20 sec. and breaking for 15 min. At the end I may only pinch my lip a few times an hour. I just keep pinching until that area's sensitivity has finally disappeared.

I will pinch every area that is sensitive and hurts. If it hurts then I know to keep pinching that area. Often the sensitive area is larger than what my finger and thumb can cover, so I'll have to pinch several areas right next to each other. No I don't pinch so hard that my lips as normal would hurt. It only hurts because the fever blister area is extra sensitive.

I know most will think of me as a fool, but it works for me. Will it work for you? You'll find out if you try. Anyways what's there to lose. Its just a physical remedy, no drugs, nothing else and it's free. Best of all I've not had a fever blister is over three years and I probably would have had 8 in that span of time.

-Good Luck !


At first sign apply over the counter Releev. Apply every few hours to keep blister from forming. If it formed while you were sleeping like mine, pop blister with needle and alternate ice for 15 min amd acv or rubbing alcohol to dry it out. Apply toothpaste overnight to help dry it out while sleeping.


I get fever blisters about 3xyear. My treatment was always campho phinique (sp) and would suffer for atleast a week. NOT THIS TIME. On day two, I put an ice cube on the blister 15 min. A small blister had already formed so I popped it and put apple cider vinegar with a qtip. Didn't sting too much. Did this all day with ice cube n ACV. At night night I slept with toothpaste on it. (White aquafresh) next day was almost completely gone. Next day continued with ACV. It will dry out and not spread. This will be my treatment from now on. Hope it helps.

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