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I know alot of people might not have heard
about this but the easist thing to do is when you feel a fever blister comin up all u have to do is put VICKS chest rub on it and that will stop it right there and if u have one already just put it on rub it in and it will keep it from gettin any bigger


I just recovered from a fever blister, this is what I did. The major stuff lasted for 3days and the scab two days
It erupted on the first day so i picked at it with a needle, then i put nail polish remover on it since i didn't have alcohol and some ice and at night i put some toothpaste. On the second day i still put some nail polish remover because it was now fully open and disgusting and the magic happened, I was so disgusted and wanted to cover it up, so I crushed Ibuprofen and made a paste and put in on (it stings after you put it on) for about two days more, I did this every time day time and night time and didn't use nail polish remover or anything else and it was all dried up just the scab which I then put vaseline on it and the next morning it fell off and now all i have its just some faded color at the bottom of my lip. it took a total of five days to get this faded color. I wish I could send a pic.
But i suggest you try the ibuprofen, it worked wonders for me and thought i should share it. GOOD LUCK :)


To heal a fever blister after it has erupted is easy. you basically want to dry it out because then the bad stuff will be gone. buy cinnamon toothpaste and pop the blisters. then rub some cinnamon toothpaste on it and then cover it in salt. works perfect


I know this sounds crazy but try steeping a tea bag in hot water. Then hold the tea bag on the fever blister. It really reduces the pain and swelling.


SEASALT or SALT is the only REAL REMEDY GUARANTEED to WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take a needle pop holes in the BLISTER wet your finger apply the salt press and hold it on for 30 secs salt will stick on leave it on till u can't stand the burning any longer SALT will make BLISTER DRAIN keep dabbing with tissue BLISTER will MELT OFF in ONE DAY. REPEAT STEPS every 2 HOURS. Use abreva, etc after blister has dissolved to combat the scar.


It's simple really. I have had fever blisters all my life, and I read about this in a beauty mag, and it works. When you feel the blister coming on, put ice on it for 15 minutes (about the time it takes for an ice cube to melt). Wrap it in a paper towel, so it's less cold to the site. Do that again, about a half hour later, and it freezes the virus, and prevents the blister from forming. It's worked for me without fail for years, now! Good luck!


I was on here looking for treatment and i went into the bathrm to see what i had nd this is what i found that wasn't on here that i could see. . . CALAMINE LOTION !! Which dried it nd was also a skin protectant ! Wash the area apply with q-tip . . .i did it mainly at night about three times it started to scab nd u could barley see the scab wow :) had to share


Whether you catch them early or late. Whether they are popped or still blisters. Neosporin now has a lip treatment formula. Clean the area with alcohol or peroxide and apply the lip treatment. The healing process with start immediately. Before bed, when u wake up and during the day one or twice. Mine have never lasted longer that 2 days but I'm sure it's different depending on the severity. Hope this helps someone.


as soon as you feel the tingle or itch, when its about to come up, put some concealer or base makeup on it, this dries it out. then after about a day when its dried out, if it breaks open put salt in it. (burns like crazy). then after the scabs heal, neosporin for minimal scarring. hope it helps :)


I had a huge fever blister pop up on my lower lip 2 days ago, a few started in the corner of my mouth and 1 tiny on the upper lip started yesterday morning. I was searching my medicine cabinet and ran across a tube of Bikini Zone and figured 'oh why not?'. I washed the areas with warm water and antibacterial soap and then applied the gel, on the blisters only, with a Qtip. To my surprise the tiny bump on the upper lip is GONE the huge blister is smaller (minimal scabbing) and the ones in the corner are barely noticeable. Not to mention the gel cools/numbs the area so you are pain, itch and tingle free for a while. No popping of the blister is necessary for this application. Hope this helps you like it helped me!

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