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Afflicted with fever blisters I finally heard how effective L-Lysine is. It works for me!


HerpecĂ­n L is the best over the counter thing to use in fever blisters... It's a Chapstick that costs less than $3 and works I out it on every hour from the moment I feel one coming on and it is comes and goes within 3-4 days but it never gets unsightly... As long as I use this it keeps it small and heals it quickly!! You have to apply it religously..because if not it will grow and get bigger but good thing is once you apply it you feel it working and it goes back down... Most important thing is dont mess with it... The more you fuss with the blister the worse it will get!!


I have never had a fever blister... Until now. I didn't even know what was going on with the side of my face. Looked like a skin eating disease to me. By the time I figured out what it was, it was the size of a quarter on the outside corner of my mouth. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to help. Huge crusty scab and all. One night, I was so disgusted and just mad that I was looking for any kind of home remedy I could find. After digging in my medicine cab, I found Vapo Steam! I gave it a try, and man did it burn. I can tell you now that within six hours, the scab fell off, no oozing, and the only thing there was a red spot.

Vicks Vapo Steam has some great ingredients. A lot of which are individually listed in other people's postings. Thank God I still had it in the cab, or I would have never thought to even consider it.

78% alcohol
Cedar leaf oil
Eucalyptus oil
Nutmeg oil
Poloxamer 124

There is your one stop shop. You can follow it up with abreva if you want. I did cause I paid 17 bucks for it. Hope this helps someone!


I have suffered from fever blisters for a few years now and not only is it painful its also embarrassing! I normally get them right around Christmas time and to top it off I deal with atleast 25-30 customers face to face per day! But this time I tried a number of things all in one day . First of course I ran to buy Abreva and also bought Abreva conceal (invisible patches) . I first applied Vicks vapor rub since I had to go out and buy groceries. Left it on for about 3 hours. As soon as I got home I cleaned the Vicks off and I tried the toothpaste and salt mixture which helped dry out the sore. It has to be paste, and just mix enough salt and paste to cover the sore. In the meantime I had a couple earl tea bags soaking in cold water. I left the paste mixture on my lip for about 15 min (it burns bad). I then dropped a ice cube in my tea bag cup to make it cooler. Once the ice melted I squeezed the excess water and applied the tea bag right over the paste mixture and left it on for a few minutes. I then slowly cleaned the paste mixture off with the tea bag and used the second tea bag to cool the area off. Over night I applied Abreva and neosporin mixed together. when I woke up next morning my blister was almost gone and the swelling was gone (my blister covered half of my upper lip prior to any of these steps).In the morning right before work I applied an Abreva conceal and by the end of the day when I took the patch off my sore was completely dried out. I am now only applying a little Abreva and neosporin to help it heal faster. As u can tell I was very desperate to get rid of it and it worked. Normally my blisters last about a week and a half to two weeks, not this time! Hope this helps you too! :)


Basically I started dealing with fever blisters last year I got them bad for the first time right as I got sick so it was twice the sickness I tried lip balms and expensive medicine but it was a waste of money and didn't help me much basically I looked online for anything to help I heard about the Acetone based nail polish and did it within a day it started to dry n scab upafter about two to three days it was basically gone. It worked great for me hope it helps you


100% tea tree oil.
Soak a q-tip
Apply directly to area.
it stops it dead in its track
U can see and feel it working within minutes.

I usually apply as needed


Fever blisters used to be the bain of my life and would pop out about once a month until my doctor how to prevent them. Take L-Lysine every day, once in the morning and once at night. Since I have been doing that I rarely have fever blisters, and if I do it's because I forgot to take a regularly scheduled dose of L-Lysine. You can buy it at any vitamin counter. It has been working for me for years now.


As soon as you start to feel the itchy-hot, tingle sensation, immediately take a vitamin B pill and a Catsclaw vitamin. Then, apply and ice cube for 15 min or until the cube is melted. Once you have the area nice and numb, apply with a Qtip DMSO. This should stop your blister from forming.

If your blister still forms, wait until it comes to a head and pop blister with a sterile needle. Make sure all fluid is drain onto a tissue.(immediately through away)
Wash hands and infected and stylize with rubbing alcohol.

Rise with cool water then apply a pinch full of salt to area to dry it out. Press on area for about 30-1min.

To relieve the pain, I like to apply a look warm teabag to rinse of the salt.

Finally add another dab of DMSO
Repeat steps(including taking the vitamin B and Catsclaw) until the blister begins to dry. Usually one day max


The earlier the better, you can add some ear wacks on it. You may feel it tighten up, but that just tells you that its working


I have suffered from fever blisters since I can remember. The blister gives me a fat lip which is embarrassing. Yesterday when I felt the little bump, I applied Abreva and that's all cause I was out & and about, but when I came home, I applied ice & held it there for as long as I could stand it, and repeated the ice application until I went to bed. I applied more Abreva before bed. This morning my lip was a little swollen and the blister had come to a head. I sterilized a needle and popped it, gently applying pressure with a tissue so as not to get it on my hands or anywhere else. I applied Abreva and a couple hours later, the swelling was gone and my blister started scabbing over. Tonight (of same day) all I have is a tiny scab, and my lip doesn't hurt at all. I can't believe I got rid of it the next day after feeling it coming on. Hope this works for you! I've tried so many different methods, this is by far the best one for me.

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